Why Democrats Are Way Better at Managing Their Populist Fringe

MSNBC Host Symone Sanders sparked some controversy on Twitter on Friday’s episode of Good morningwhen she scoffed at the notion that Robert F. Kennedy—who is voting with about 20 percent in the early Democratic primary polls—may cause problems for Joe Biden.

“The Democratic National Committee will not facilitate a preliminary process,” said Sanders, a former spokesman for the Vice President. Kamala Harris, medium. “There will be no debate stage for Bobby Kennedy,” she continued, “there will be no debate.”

Will there be no argument? This statement doesn’t sound like American. Who can resist strong debate? I’m not the only one with that gut reaction. “I’m not a fan of RFK, but one might expect the Democrats to be… oh, I don’t know… more democratic,” tweeted before Related press Washington Chief of Staff Ron Fournier.

Others pointed out that Sanders was merely stating the obvious: “As far as I know, [an] incumbent prez has *never* argued a challenge from [the] on the same side,” tweeted the famous author and journalist James Fallows. As Fallows pointed out, it would really be unprecedented if Biden do debate RFK, Jr.

However, Sanders went a little further than that, noting that “the Democratic National Committee will not facilitate a preliminary process…”

exactly what did that thing mean? Is that a Kinsley blasphemy or just Sanders (again) explicitly speaking? I’m not sure.

The more I think about it, the more I think of another thing. While it may sound blasphemous for a political party that is essentially nomination rigging, that’s exactly what they should do.

Finally someone spoke out!

We may live in a representative democracy, but political parties (such as military units, corporations, and families) are Are not democracies. Indeed, they cannot function well if they try.

Political parties are private clubs. As such, the party decides (or at least, it used to be). Whether this screening is done in a smoke-filled back room or some less cancerous location, we benefit more when strong political parties (elite and boss) serves this important gatekeeper function.

Donald Trump’s usurpation of the Republican Party is all the evidence one needs to conclude that the “d” minor democracy — at least in the context of a presidential primary — is Are not An undeniably good thing.

We may live in a representative democracy, but political parties (such as military units, corporations, and families) are not democracies.

It’s not quite the same situation as RFK, Jr. (since there was no incumbent Republican president at the time), but in hindsight, the Republican Party should have simply excluded Trump from running for the 2016 Republican nomination, much less , appeared in a debate on stage. After all, Trump was once a Democratic donor and (additionally) he was refused to pledge support for the final GOP candidate (i.e., before RNC President Reince Priebus got down on his knees and went to Trump Tower to get Trump’s autograph).

Of course, Trump later reneged on that pledge too. Trump’s conduct provided an obvious excuse to block his candidacy, but no one seized the opportunity to do so.

Undoubtedly, this drastic move will generate a populist backlash against the Republican establishment. Trump may even have run a third-party election campaign that resulted in… somebody, probably Ted Cruz. Still, it’s hard to believe that things will get worse for the Republican Party (let alone America) in the long run.

What I’m saying is that the Democrats are wise to do whatever they can to ensure that their incumbent president, Joe Biden, encounters little opposition (as well as, to be honest, , Republicans cancel primaries in 2020), and that a populist weirdo like RFK, Jr., won’t ignite.

This is both good for the Democratic Party and (review RFK, Jr’s, politics) for the US.

While elites in the Republican Party have simply backed Trump and the mob to gain control of the party machine, ironically, modern Democrats are less so. democracy than Republicans.

This is a feature, not a bug.

There are perhaps three main reasons why Democrats are less sensitive to the sirens of populist ideologies than Republicans.

First, the Democratic Party The African American base offers a moderate influence on the party. Joe Biden’s 2020 preliminary win in South Carolina—after being besieged in both Iowa and New Hampshire—is proof that this matters.

Second, American libertarians often get their media from the mainstream media. Despite their liberal leanings, these media outlets are still associated with outdated journalistic ethics and institutions. For example, MSNBC is under the umbrella of NBC, which certainly offers moderate influence (or at least, keeps them tied to reality). In contrast, conservatives have created alternative media. Unbound to tradition and institutions, these alternative outlets have become alternative realities.

And finally—to the point of this column—the establishment within the Democratic Party establishment has been more active and effective in combating (and admitting) the populist insurgents on the left.

This is not always pretty. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign as head of the Democratic National Committee after leaked emails showed The DNC posted an anti-Bernie Sanders article.

And after then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined the Voting Group against the border aid bill, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) accused Pelosi of being racist because “selected“women of color.

Call them strong-armed elites if you like, but Sanders didn’t wrest control of the Democratic primaries from Hillary Clinton, and (unlike the GOP, where inmates run refugee camps ) The Rangers have yet to come close to taking over the Democratic Party.

Indeed, Pelosi was able to hand over the speakership to her chosen successor, without the mess of a leadership battle. Meanwhile, the populist insurgents of the left have generally become group players. Most recently, AOC announced her will not challenge New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in an elementary school.

If only the Republican base were as tough and wise as this.

I’m not sure if Symone Sanders is smart to be transparent about the DNC’s plan to effectively shut down RFK, Jr. But I To be sure DNC is smart to do it.

Unlike the Republican Party (and Fox News), they’re more committed to preserving their party than worrying about “respecting” the audience.

In the film money ballBrad Pitt (as Billy Beane, the general manager of Oakland A) stated, “The fans don’t run my dance club.“Today, that is only true of one of our two political parties in America. And ironically, that is democracy Party.


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