Where is Xur today? (2-6/6) Destiny 2 Strange Items and Xur Location Guide

Between Deep Dive and Salvage sessions, Destiny 2 entered a normal trajectory at the start of Season of the Deep. A new story mission is available after the weekly reset, players are discovering deadly new exploits with seasonal weapons and of course, Xur is back for another trading weekend. . If you have the Legendary Piece, then Xur has the Exotic device you’re looking for. Here’s where you can find this week’s Xur and what Agent of Nine has sold.

This week you can find Xur in the EDZinside Winding Bay area. As for his weapon, Xur is providing Sweet Business. Hunters can pick up AeonSwift glove; Titans can take Lion Rampage leg armor; and Warlocks can buy afternoon belong to radius armor.

Location Xur

Xur's position in the EDZ.
Xur’s position in the EDZ.

Spawn at the Winding Cove transition area, then hop on your sparrow and head north. Follow the collapsed overpass on the left and find a cave near the bend in the road. Follow the tunnel through the cliff face to a higher ridge where a Fallen lander crashed; you will find Xur waiting there.

Xur Strange and Legendary Items

  • Exotic Engram – 97 Legendary Shards
  • Sweet Business – 29 Legendary Shards
  • Lion Rampant – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Aeon Swift – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Vesper of Radius – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Hawkmoon – 200 legendary shards, 125,000 rays, 1 ascending piece, 1 strange code
  • Dead Man’s Tale – 200 legendary pieces, 125,000 rays, 1 ascending piece, 1 strange code
  • Xenology Quests – Free
  • Legendary Weapons and Armor – 50 Legendary Pieces, 1,000 Glimmer

Xur also offers a Xenology quest every week, which requires you to complete 21 Vanguard raids or win Crucible and Gambit matches in order for you to earn Exotic Ciphers. These are normally used to buy old Exotics from a kiosk in the Tower, but from this season you will be able to use them at Master Rahool to get the Exotics you want. The limit on Exotic Ciphers has also been increased, as you will now be able to hold up to five of them at once.

Xur is available every weekend in Destiny 2, starting with a daily reset at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET every Friday. His exact location was always a mystery when he first arrived, as he is not listed on the map and for new players he can be easily missed. However, there are several locations where he resides, including the Tower Hangar area, on Nessus in Watcher’s Grave, and in the Winding Cove area of ​​the EDZ.

strange armor

Aeon Swift (Hunter Gloves)


Aeon Swift is one of those unique Exotics that focuses on teamwork. Its main skill depends on the Exotic-specific mod it has included. For example, a useful ability for PvE is a skill that allows you to cast heavy projectiles on your teammates when you use the finishing blow on a challenging fighter. As for the stats, it has some pretty good numbers in terms of resilience, mobility, and discipline.

  • Maneuver: 12
  • Resilience: 11
  • Recovery: 11
  • Discipline: 19
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Strength: 2
  • Total: 65

Lion Rampant (Titan Foot Armor)

raging lion
raging lion

This Exotic Titan is great for PvP, as you’ll get some effective buffs in the air when you equip it. That makes it useful for those periods where you want to take out enemies from the air and you have quick reflexes to take advantage of this particular Exotic’s strengths. This Lion Rampart Scroll has a high total stat, with lots of Recovery and Discipline, which is good, but Recovery is less than ideal for Titan, unless you replenish yourself with armor or another mod.

  • Maneuver: 6
  • Resilience: 8
  • Recovery: 20
  • Discipline: 20
  • Intelligence: 11
  • Strength: 2
  • Total: 67

Vesper of Radius (Warlock Chest Armor)

Vesper of radius
Vesper of radius

This weird warlock there was an upgrade recently at the start of the Season of the Deep, when Vesper of Radius makes the Arc’s cracks even more dangerous. When you use your layering ability, it periodically releases Arc shockwaves and any enemies they defeat will explode. Any enemies hit by the shockwave or the blast will also be blinded, and when you’re surrounded, your crack energy will recharge faster. Statistically you will have to rely on Ionic Traces to replenish your abilities, as discipline and intellect are poor but strength and resilience are quite good.

  • Maneuver: 9
  • Resilience: 11
  • Recovery: 13
  • Discipline: 6
  • Intelligence: 6
  • Strength: 18
  • Total: 63

strange weapon

Sweet Business (Auto Rifle)

sweet business
sweet business

The Sweet Business – and several other Exotic weapons – got an upgrade this season, and this new version of the powerful automatic rifle spews both hot lead and blasts at enemies. It also instantly reloads when you pick up Special or Heavy bullets, and when paired with a Titan wearing an Actium War Rig Exotic, you’ll unleash a silly amount of ammo at anything that gets in your way.

  • Polygonal rifle
  • Armor piercing ring
  • Business time
  • synthetic stocks

Hawkmoon (Hand Cannon)


This week’s Hawkmoon Scrolls include Moving Targets, which increase movement speed and capture on the move while aiming down the line of sight. This is not a very common skill in PvP, as Rangefinder and Opening have more utility when using this cannon in multiplayer.

  • compensation chamber
  • alloy magazine
  • Moving target
  • heavy handle

Dead Man’s Tale (Reconnaissance Rifle)

The story of the dead
The story of the dead

On its own, Outlaw is a pretty cool perk for Dead Man’s Tale. Precise kills greatly reduce reload time, which makes it perfect for killing enemies with red bars from afar, and the rest of this build keeps it steady and deadly. If you’re looking for a reliable PvE weapon this week, Dead Man’s Tale is a good scout rifle to grab.

  • Cork opener rifle
  • High caliber ring
  • out of law
  • hand placed stocks

legendary armor

giant Type mobility resilience The recuperation Discipline Intelligence Power total
Simulation Gloves Titanium Gloves 16 16 2 ten twelfth 11 sixty seven
Simulation plate Titan Chest Armor 2 25 6 14 6 ten 63
Signs of entanglement Seal of Titan 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Simulation Hat Titan helmet 7 ten 15 6 ten 17 65
Simulation device Titan Leg Armor 2 15 16 2 ten 21 66
magician Type
Simulation Gloves Warlock Gloves 18 6 7 6 twelfth 16 65
Simulation shirt Warlock Chest Armor 6 20 6 6 7 18 63
entangled bonds Warlock Bonds 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
simulation hood Warlock helmet 16 6 twelfth 15 2 15 66
Simulation legs Warlock Leg Armor 6 20 6 ten twelfth 11 65
Hunter Type
simulated handle Hunter Gloves 2 11 18 16 16 2 65
Simulation Vest Hunter Chest Armor ten twelfth ten ten ten 11 63
entangled cloak hunter cloak 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Simulation mask Hunter helmet 20 2 ten 6 ten 17 65
Simulation shoes Hunter’s Foot Armor 2 18 11 14 14 2 sixty one
BrayTech Sn0Treads Hunter’s Foot Armor 6 6 20 6 18 7 63

Legendary weapon

fire fighting Kinetic Automatic Rifle Corkscrew Rifle / Smallbore Ricochet Rounds / Light Mag air strike Adagio
Hollow From Energy Synthetic Rifle Compensator with Compartment / Slotted Barrel Ionization battery / Liquid coil Quick withdrawal Real Weapons
Deaf Whisper Energy grenade launcher Linear Compensator / Intelligent Drift Control High Speed ​​Ring / Blast Ring Surplus threat detection
periodic Impact heavy machine gun Arrowhead brake / Slotted barrel Stabilizer Ring / Alloy Magazine so bright Click on Activator
Pieces Mind Kinetic Rifle Cork Opener Rifle / Polygon Rifle Armor Piercing Ammo / Ricochet Ammo Overflowing concentrated rage
Saturday Seraph SI-2 extra energy Expanded Barrel / Full Diameter Tactical / Alloy Magazine threat detection Surrounded
Fang Heavy Sword Hungry Edge / Endurance Blade / Tempered Edge The blade is not tired garden

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