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Nintendo Direct week is both the fun and the hard part of a game journalist’s workweek. Too much to say! Too little time! Too much hype! And then you spend the next two weeks dissecting it all, discussing it all, and figuring out the details that the Direct Person didn’t tell you.

This direct is a pretty good movie by many metrics – no Mario (unless you count the Rabbids movie and spin-off), but some Zelda, lots of indies, Splatoon, Bayonetta, Resident Evil and GoldenEye, like like a tour of Nintendo’s Best Songs.

What does Team NL think about Direct? Read to find out!

What are your expectations?

KATE:… Admittedly I was ready for the promised/leaked “Zelda blowout” that would never come, but I really didn’t have any other expectations. I love being amazed by Direct’s content, and I was!

JIM: I have to admit, my expectations were sky-high after being promised a Zelda portal to every game franchise known to, but this means I’m not ready for it yet. everything else – which turned out to be a lot!

OLLIE: See, now I’m mentally prepared for the obvious lack of Zelda, because I really try to believe whatever the leakers say, despite the obvious fact that existence exists. at of this Live has been correctly predicted. I was expecting a lot of surprises, in spite of it, and fortunately they came in abundance.

ALANA: Even if there were rumors of a “Zelda blowout”, I really wasn’t expecting Breath of the Wi… oh, wait, Tears of the Kingdom appear. But otherwise I go in as usual – moderate expectations. And Direct, for me, blew me out of the water.

Fire Emblem Engage

OLLIE: I’ve never been on Fire Emblem, so I don’t have strong thoughts on this one, I’m afraid…!

KATE: I feel like we’ve got a lot of Fire Symbols. But I know it bothers me when people say we’ve got too many games or genres that I love, because I definitely disagree… so let’s just say I think I have enough Fire Icons already.

JIM: Well, let’s start with the intricately designed ceiling shot in Live where everyone is expecting talk of Zelda stuff… God Nintendo, let’s talk about making my heart skip a beat.

ALANA: Okay, I totally thought this was something else, and then Zelda, before it was the Fire Symbol. It looks really clean! The animations are very good. I’m not a huge fan of Fire Emblem, but I know people who are, so I’m happy for all of you!

It takes two

JIM: I’m ready for a long-term collaboration. The image is a bit smelly but hey, I’m here just for the good story and feelings.

KATE: This seems like a great fit for the Switch, so I’m happy to see it. However, it looks MUCH worse than it does on Xbox Series X, so that’s a bit sad. It’s a beautiful game.

ALANA: Right?? This looks pretty rough. I know Hazelight says it’s unlikely the game will get a Switch port, but I think ‘Game of the Year Winner’ will change that. I’ve heard great things about this one, but honestly, I have little interest in learning it. I also don’t have anyone to play it with in person right now.

KATE: I wonder if Nintendo would throw money at them to do that? I do not belive that thing. Microsoft and Sony probably won’t.

Gymnastics Boxing: Fist of the North Star

JIM: Katherine loves it when you see one of those breeds, like a Chihuahua crossed with a Husky. You look at it and think, how… how did that happen?

ALANA: I really think this is Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio PS4 game) at first. But Boxing Fitness? Sure! Change it up. It made me laugh.

Ao Dai

JIM: Okay, I’ll admit it, my signal was lost on revealing this so I had to catch it later. But oh WOW this looks like a warm hug. I’m ready, my little fox boy, I won’t let the nasty WiFi get you down again.

ALANA: This is one of those that I have on Game Pass but I haven’t played! Look at this little fox! He is so cute! Maybe portability on Switch will be what drives me to play it…

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

KATE: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! A Wonderful Life is my first Harvest Moon game, so I’m glad it got a fresh coat of paint. But… they renamed all the characters! That’s weird to me! I don’t care, gimme gimme gimme. And then also remake all the DS games.

JIM: *whispers softly* I never really gave Harvest Moon all my love. Maybe this will change everything, but ehhhhhh.

OLLIE: Like Kate, this was my first Harvest Moon game, and probably still my favorite of the bunch, so I’m really excited to be doing it again! I can’t wait to relax on my farm and listen to the wonderful theme tune… Ahh.

ALANA: God, this was my jam growing up. It was lost until Stardew Valley to find another farming game that’s really scratching the itch, so I’m really looking forward to picking this one up next year. GameCube is back!

Splatoon 3

JIM: Are you really going to give us a Splatfest where one of the options is ‘FUN’ and expect people to consider whether they’re going to use ‘GEAR’ or ‘GRUB’? Come on, buddy!

ALANA: I like the variation on the Splatfest question. I also like Deep Cut. But, Jim, if you don’t know who to pick, always vote for Big Man.

Octopath Traveler II

ALANA: Okay, yes. Right. Right. i really fell in love Octopath Touristsand HD-2D is like, the best visual style Square Enix is ​​using right now. This looks like a major visual upgrade from the original game. Great music. Promising fascinating interwoven stories. I’m. Ready.

KATE: Square Enix needs to find a new font.

OLLIE: I need to play more first games… I think my brother borrowed it from me for a while… Give it back, man!

JIM: Personally, I feel like Square Enix can do so much more at this Live…

Fae . Farm

JIM: It’s a responsive farming simulator *rotating wheel* Magic! Good for the team!

KATE: They’ve had me since the first five seconds of this trailer. Fantasy life meets farming? I just wish I was the one to do it. I am ready.

Theatrhythm: The Last Bar Line

ALANA: I’m not joking here – this is the highlight of Direct for me. I have about 150 hours in two 3DS Theatrhythm game and I’m scared with my wallet right now. 385 songs in the base game alone is completely ridiculous, though. I’m hopeful about touchscreen controls for the Switch in handheld mode, but I’m not hopeful. I’m still picking this one day. I’m excited to play more Theatrhythm.

JIM: ‘It’s a musical explosion from the past!’ I’d love to know what comes first, this intro or the idea of ​​returning to the Theatrhythm series.

Mario + Rabbids: Spark of Hope

JIM: Wait, what is this game?

ALANA: I didn’t see much hype about this, and, yes, I liked what I played in the first game, but I don’t want to know more. Nintendo needs to show this because it’s coming soon. However, I was very excited about that soundtrack.

KATE: I’m sure it’s going to sell a lot and it sounds like a fun thing to do with the Mario franchise, but… it’s not that attractive to me. Mainly because I really hate the Rabbids. Sorry!

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