Trigun Stampede’s Vash is the leading candidate for the best male lead role in anime in 2023

Vash the Stampede, the quick-witted gunman and hero of classic anime and manga three guns, is a man of many costumes. Though he’s kept his core look for years – red jacket, blonde hair, hoop earrings, prosthetic arms, and a mole under his eyes – the hero has gone through a number of transformations. Tokuma Shoten first published the manga in 1995, and since then, the series has been adapted into anime in 1998 and 2010. Now, he’s back and cuter than ever in the remake. recreate the classic western sci-fi film by studio Orange. Trigun Trampled. The new Vash brings fresh life to a character that’s been decades old, as he returns to us more vivacious than ever and ready to capture our hearts as one of the most worthy of all. the most memorable of the year 2023 cute cartoon.

Although he has historically been depicted with a more fierce appearance, Vash possesses a carefree personality. three guns creator Yasuhiro Nightow wanted to portray a different kind of Western cowboy, one with a steadfast pacifist. In the series, that pacifism gets him into trouble, as he seems to have to deal with countless killers who want to capture him for a reward on his head. From the very beginning, this lends shotgun — both old and new series – comedic quality as Vash constantly evades attacks and tends to settle skirmishes with the stock rather than bullets.

Vash of the early days of the franchise was clearly punk. Firstly three guns comic, he wears a red two-piece shirt which ran to his ankles. His shoes are adorned with dozens of straps and buckles, and his spiky hair stands up like it’s charged with electricity. The manga’s sequel, Max Trigun, will repeat my design and added more mechanical elements to him, such as piping that runs up and down his legs and a mechanical corset.

A blonde anime man (Vash the Stampede) in a red jacket with orange round glasses is smiling and staring into space.

Image: Orange/Crunchyroll

Some of his core traits, like his red cape, glasses, and prosthetic arm, have stuck with him over the years. They show what’s most important to him and inform the core of his personality. For example, his red cape isn’t just about style; it focuses on his relationship with his late caretaker Rem, whose favorite flower was the red geranium. His arm is more or less unchanged and serves as a reminder of how different he is from those around him and a bit alien in his world. All of these features are prominent in the new version of Vash, but this latest iteration of the character is the black sheep in his designs to date. Vash of Trigun Trampled is clearly younger and lighter, and at the same time seems to have reduced the volume compared to the sharpness of the original designs.

In step foot on somethinghe feels more suitable for TikTok’s e-boys. He has messy hair and an undercut, not a shiny one. He has prominent bold eyebrows and wears a hoop earrings. His combat boots and outerwear look more like something out of the modern streetwear category than something out of the old desert. If you look at his face, you can see a distinct blush — another example of a trendy look. popular on the internet.

This Vash seems to be vying for a new and young generation of fans. Some moments, such as the way he raises his eyebrows with a nervous grin, seem ripe for TikTok fans to edit. He looks adorable, like a lost puppy! And while his sparkling emerald green eyes may not stun his foes, they sure look great when slowed down, edited and paired to music for a music video created by him. fan created. Given its history, it doesn’t seem too surprising that Orange could bring in our next lovable anime star. This is an animation studio that somehow managed to turn animals into human figures the words beast characters that are emotionally appealing and for some fans.

Despite that, I think it’s fair to say that the new Vash looks more generic. He wears a black turtleneck – almost a staple in anime and anime-adjacent brands with characters like Kakashi Hatake and Cloud of Conflict. Fans have lamented the change in his overall shape and size, saying his silhouette no longer stands out; we lost his lanky body and spiky hair. He seems more like a member of a boy band and less like a character from a Todd McFarlane comic book. Nightow has openly been a fan of and their work seems to have influenced Vash’s designs in the past.

Image of Vash the Stampede looking straight into the camera as he points his gun upwards.  His hair was blown by the wind and partially covered his eyes.

Image: Orange/Crunchyroll

Whether you like the design or not, this Vash embodiment is an absolute charm. The local bar greeted him like a hero. He takes care of his captors and makes sure they are treated well. He’s even interested in environmental issues – the town he’s in doesn’t have clean water, and he seems to be investing in solving the problem. When faced with conflict, he relieves tension with a chuckle. He is both an outlaw and a dream boat.

Studio Orange has brought Vash to life in a way that has never been shown before. The 3D CG animation allowed him to express himself and move in a way never seen before in the series. We see his body wobble and his limbs flailing as he desperately tries to chase a bullet. His facial expressions — like his fiercely arched eyebrows or desperate tears in his eyes — give us some of the best features, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, who has experience voicing these characters crazy villains like Majima from Lycoris recoil, playing a completely desperate and frantic Vash. Nowhere does his character shine more than the scene where Vash volunteered to duel a soldier.

In a duel, Vash neutralized an imminent disaster by saving an entire town from a bomb with a single bullet. In an instant, he went from stamping and crying for a bullet to dodging bullets from enemies with ease at close range. Moments like these show how goofy but talented Vash is. Anime has a lot of self-righteous protagonists who focus solely on their goals. On the other hand, Vash runs into a guy you’ll run into at a random bar, and he just happens to have a talent. In the end, that makes him a lot more approachable, and also easier to attract beyond his cute looks.

It’s true that Vash’s more casual and modern look might not fit the desolate world of his story. He looks more like a pop star than a notorious gunman on the run. But even in the world of the story, he is not from that world. He’s actually a boy who fell to an alien planet from a spaceship. This Vash is a fallen star, and in the first episode he sparkles like a star.


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