This Dancing Doll Horror Movie Is Unlike Anything Ever Created

Before M3GAN even if it’s released in theaters, the horror movie Blumhouse will appear bajillions belong to memes on social networks. It won’t be long before it’ll be named the best movie of 2023—and now it’s January. Campy romp will then land on the next List of the best movies of all time in terms of visuals and sound. Rumor has it that the Library of Congress has contacted producer Jason Blum for additions M3GAN to the National Film Registry. M3GAN itself was supposed to have been invited to present the Academy Award for Best Picture later this year.

Jokes aside, the cult of M3GAN—from when the first poster was published last April—will be relieved to know that the film shines. not only do M3GAN It serves up absolute chaos with its dancing scenes, absurd needles and boisterous murders, but it also presents a compelling plot. The hype isn’t all memes and video clips from Twitter; The movie itself is really interesting.

From the very first scene (which I won’t reveal; being blind is much more fun), M3GAN knows exactly what kind of movie it wants to be: playful yet thrilling. After that scene, the story begins: while on winter break with her parents, pipsqueak Cady (Violet McGraw) plays with a talking fur doll (similar to Gremlin) in the backseat of the family car. Cady’s animatronics greatly upset her father, causing him to drive the vehicle into a large snow plow, killing both parents and injuring Cady in the crash. This, along with that murderous opening scene, all takes place within the first 200 seconds of the film.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Cady’s aunt Gemma (Allison Williams) flirt with disaster. She is creating a lifelike robot girl for her job at a large toy company. “Android 3rd Generation” or M3GAN for short looks like Cats version of a human girl. She is a toy that will play with children, teach them how to be better people, and protect them from life’s biggest struggles. Basically, M3GAN will do everything a parent should do, but it doesn’t.

That’s why she’s a perfect match for Cady, who is currently living under Gemma’s legal guardianship. Gemma couldn’t raise Cady. She’s a single woman in her thirties with collectible toys (“Don’t touch that,” she snapped at the grieving girl as Cady stroked a Transformers box), who works 24/7 to invent gadgets. Then it dawned on her—while Gemma’s boss rejected her M3GAN model, Cady was the perfect person to try on the doll.

Violet McGraw, M3GAN and Allison Williams.

Short/universal image of Geoffrey

It took a moment for M3GAN (played by Amie McDonald and voiced by Jenna Davis of spread of “nickel coin coin”) to get into the story, but when she is finally introduced to Cady, lightning strikes in her ears. She wreaks havoc from the start, teaching Cady new dance moves and wearing large sunglasses when she walks into Gemma’s house. Whenever M3GAN opens her mouth, with a characteristic robotic chirp, she’ll say the dumbest thing you’ll hear all week, topped only by the next thing she’ll say.

Example: Cady has a nightmare and tries to fall asleep, naturally, like a child who has just lost his parents in a train wreck. It’s okay. M3GAN lulls baby to sleep with lullabies like David Guetta’s “Titanium” with Sia. A boy bullied Cady at school, so M3GAN chased him on all fours like a dog and ripped off his ears. Vincent Van Gogh would be proud. There are countless moments of bedlam in M3GANAs this valley-dwelling strange doll leads a frantic, unsettling storyline that’s as fun and exciting as the robot itself.

M3GAN’s inner turmoil leads to the catastrophic destruction of the world around her, a conflict that makes the thriller so compelling. She has been programmed to support Cady through any life crisis she may face, but including those created by Gemma. When Gemma wants Cady to eat her vegetables, Cady refuses and the monstrous M3GAN defends her best friend with murderous intent. The neighbor’s dog bit Cady so the animal and its owner had to die. M3GAN is also nearly indestructible; She is a robot with the ability to hack, puncture skin, crush bones, and control voice. She is the perfect horror baddie.

Short/universal image of Geoffrey

It can be easy to abbreviate M3GAN like a movie designed to work well on the zeitgeist internet without any real artistic value. But legendary horror producer James Wan and writer Akela Cooper have deciphered the cult status, between this and their 2021 film. Malignant—which, instead of a robotic doll, witnessed a woman transform into a ninja beast through a man living inside her body. M3GAN has leaned towards the pop culture moment twice (people dressed like M3GAN have dance at the premiere and football field storm to promote movies; M3GAN bot has participated in online Q&A), but both films have proven that their social media efforts are more than empty marketing schemes—stories are Actually entertainment.

With a fantastic and absolutely terrifying camping horror monster like this robot, M3GAN The moment won’t end anytime soon. The team at Blumhouse have already begun negotiations for a sequel; Without spoiling anything, the epilogue sets up the perfect universe for more android atrocities in the future. It may be too early to declare M3GAN the queen of 2023 — but this movie can be considered an instant cult classic.


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