The secret cooking secret that the chef swears by

People seem to be obsessed with cooking these days. With major reality TV shows igniting home cook skills; Are we out of our depth? If you’re looking to sharpen your skills, why not grab a piece from the expert book. We spoke with 2 experienced chefs to get a better understanding of how meat, eggs and even pasta are prepared.

Chef Jaime Imbusch Once a private chef for the royal families of Saudi Arabia and Brunei, before moving to Australia in 2015. Today, he brings his skills to Melbourne homes with his investment chef business. at home, Chef Dine. We asked him for some tips when perfecting your meat cooking skills:

Is there a secret to cooking the perfect steak without burning it?

“To get a delicious meal even when cooked, it is important to let the steak come to room temperature before cooking. This will help cook more evenly and the inside of the steak won’t be cold when you slice it. “

How long should you marinate meat for it to taste great?

“To get the best flavor from the marinade, you should marinate overnight and for some meats you should soak in the brine before adding the meat to the marinade. By using yogurt in the marinade, the flavors will penetrate the meat a lot deeper, resulting in a better flavor. “

What’s one cooking mistake you wish people would stop making?

“One of the most important things in cooking for me is rest. You can clearly see when this hasn’t happened and is a must for someone to cook evenly throughout the steak. “
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Chefs trained in fine dining become healthy eating coaches, Alex Morris shared with us his answers to the 3 most frequently asked questions by amateur chefs.

Get a crispy skin

“Whether you’re cooking fi sh or chicken, the concept is pretty much the same. First, the skin needs to be very dry, so on the day of cooking, remove the meat from the skin, sprinkle the skin with salt, and leave in the refrigerator uncovered for a few hours – this will dry out the skin. When it’s time to cook, you can replenish it by patting your skin dry with a towel.

For cooking, we need a decent amount of fat – that’s essential. Set the pan over medium-high heat and add a few tablespoons of olive or neutral oil. Let heat for 30 seconds, then gently place the meat or skin side down on the pan. At this point, the fish will curl up, so it’s important to gently press the button down for 10 seconds for full skin contact. Turn down to medium heat. Here’s the most important thing – cook your protein on the skin in 3/4 of the full cooking time. Do not be afraid! Get beautiful and crispy skin and then ip again in the last minute or two – perfect every time. “

Hunt for the perfect eggs

“For someone who has literally poached thousands of eggs, I know one thing – keep it simple. No need for wrappers, silicone bags, or even whirlpools. First, start with fresh, egg-free eggs – this is very important. The older the egg, the more watery the white will be, so it will be harder for you to get along. Fill a wok or pan 2/3 deep and bring to a simmer, we just want a few light bubbles. Add 2 tablespoons white vinegar to beat the egg whites and hold them together. Crack the egg straight into the water, or if you’re a little scared, drop the egg onto a cheesecloth and gently drop it in. Use a slotted spoon to whip the whites around the yolks. Poke for 3.5 minutes then drain on kitchen paper, and they’re ready! “

How NOT to spoil the pasta!

“One of the things I found most ruined was pasta. Whether it’s dry, overcooked, or submerged in sauce, many home cooks struggle. There are a few secrets here.

First, dried pasta tastes 99% better than fresh pasta than it does when cooked at home – cheaper, more versatile, and retains its texture better.

Next, always cook your pasta for one minute less than it says on the package – it will continue to cook on its way to the table.

And please, don’t flush your pasta in the sink and dry it! Drain very loosely and save a cup of starch water – then add your pasta straight to the pan along with the sauce, and let it cook there. Add a few tablespoons of water here and toss the noodles over the sauce. The starch in the water will help coat the noodles with a nice smooth sauce like the Italians do. And finally, just before serving, add some of your finest olive oil and whisk well – what you’ll achieve is perfectly cooked pasta, a light and almost creamy sauce with no need to cook. Add any cream. “
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Equip yourself with a chef

Being a good chef is mostly skill with using the right tools to help your dishes shine.
No self-respecting chef is caught in the kitchen without the right sharp knives and pans. They also rely on color codes to swap and change between prepping meats, vegetables, and herbs or seasonings for their sauces. If you are really about to start your cooking game then check out MyDeal home and garden for all your worthy chef utensils.

Another common beginner complaint? Cooking takes too long. Not when you use blenders, mixers and food processors to do the boring work for you. The only difference between your hand-cut herbs and the processed version is a tenth of the time. Cook smarter, not harder, and you can be inspired to create more complex dishes. Find the best devices online at MyDeal.

Cook with confidence now because you’ve got the chef’s secrets to a delicious meal.

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