The First Shocking Death of the Season

Just when you thought things couldn’t be more bleak in the land of Our Last, the second episode appears to have the bloodsucker punch you right in the gut with a miserable boat. I hope you all heed my suggestion to get tissues—again, I recommend keeping them handy for each episode.

Without hesitation—mainly because my tears are still falling—unpack all that happened in the second volume of by HBO Our Last.

(Warning: Spoiler ahead for Our Last.)

Like the first episode, this second also unfolds in the past. It was September 24, 2003, in Indonesia—two days before the U.S. outbreak—and Ibu Ratna, a professor of mycology at the University of Indonesia, was being hastily escorted by the military to the hospital to be beaten. cost of a novel disease. . Sadly, at this point, we all know what she’s about to discover: Cordyceps can now survive and host in humans, and it can be spread through the bite of an infected person. A warning to anyone confused: raw little mushrooms are pretty prominent in this episode, so brace yourself.

Horrified by her findings and news of how quickly the disease is spreading, Ratna gives the military some grim news: There is no vaccine for things like this, and the best course of action is to take action. Start bombing the city and everyone in it.

Then the show returns to the present, as Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Tess (Anna Torv) ponder what to do now that they know Ellie (Bella Ramsey) is infected and immune. Joel doesn’t believe Ellie won’t turn into an aggressive monster, but with every passing minute without any change, Tess becomes more and more convinced that her immunity is real.

Tess, perfectly played by Torv, confronts Ellie and asks the truth about something not so simple—why is she so important to Marlene (Merle Dandridge)? Ellie, despite being instructed not to tell a soul the real reason for her importance, eventually lets it out. There’s a Firefly base camp in the West with doctors working on a cure and they think her immunity is the key to making a vaccine. Despite the revelation, Joel is skeptical and wants to come back, but Tess begs them to move on. Special thanks to Bella Ramsey for conveying Ellie’s sarcasm at the end of this heavy scene with a hilarious impression of the Infected.

Tess successfully convinces Joel to come along, and the trio continues their journey through the ravaged streets of post-apocalyptic Boston. Faced with two choices—“the long road” or “the damn path”—the three choose to head to a lookout point. As they go for a walk, Tess asks Ellie for more information about her life, such as where she was bitten (in an abandoned shopping center in Boston) and if she has parents or friends. boys will look for her (by the way, orphan and lol no).

When they reached their destination – an abandoned hotel, flooded and overgrown with trees – Ellie wandered around a bit in the lobby; After all, she had never seen or stayed in a hotel before. It’s a delightful little thank you to the part of video games where this same bit of childhood wonder is shown and becomes a cute bonding moment between her and Joel. However, the presence of a corpse spoils the fun pretty quickly. (An important fact to note in this scene is that Ellie can’t swim; gamers don’t worry—there are no wooden pallets in this episode.)

The trio finally climb up to their observation post, and a terrifying sight awaits them, as the Infected swarms crawl across the city. Tess hints to Ellie about the terrible ways cordyceps are associated with infected people, and that while she may be protected from turning into a monster, Ellie is not safe from it. torn apart. In the game, there are areas where there are a lot of spores in the air, forcing the characters to wear respirators so as not to inhale them and get infected. In the program, the spores were replaced by tentacles; Basically, the fungus that causes the infection also grows in the ground, and if you step on cordyceps in one place, you can wake up infected people miles away. Worse yet, they’ll know exactly where you are and they’ll come running. Scary, isn’t it?

With hundreds of Infected People in front of a road, the group decided to head to the Boston state building through the museum, which, like most locations outside of the Quarantine Zone (QZ), is abandoned and possibly abandoned. (and can be) filled with Infected Persons. Here, I am happy to inform you that, you will meet your first clicker. Did that first click make you shiver? Welcome to Terror.

Clickers are one of the most prominent and deadly infected creatures. They get their great name from the clicking sound they make to share their location. They are blind, but thanks to the giant patches of mushrooms that grow from their heads, they have excellent echolocation, meaning that if you step on the wrong piece of glass you’d better run away. They are agile, aggressive, hard to kill and very dangerous. Joel, Tess, and Ellie’s tense encounter with these clickers really highlights how terrifying they are. Did you hold your breath during that whole scene or was it just me?

Despite encountering some particularly hostile clickers, the party managed to make it out of the museum alive. They were extremely shaken, a little bruised, and Ellie got another bite, but hey, she’s immune, she can take it. Now comes the easy part—walk over a wooden plank to the next roof. After what they had just faced, this was nothing. As Ellie said, “It’s scary, this is wood.” Self-identifying as an avid video game fan, seeing the iconic image of Ellie crossing the wooden plank gives me goosebumps. So did Bella Ramsey as she read the iconic quote, “Dude, you can’t deny that point of view.”

Joel, Tess and Ellie finally make it to the government building, but they don’t receive the warm welcome they expected. The group of Fireflies they had to meet lay dead at their feet. However, that’s not the most devastating thing we’re about to find out: It turns out that our beloved Tess has been infected. This cutscene is a particularly touching scene in a video game, as it completely obscures the player’s eyes. The show celebrates that exact feeling by giving Anna Torv and Pedro Pascal the chance to completely rip your heart out, while creating its own spin on the scene. Like I said, keep tissues handy.

Tess sacrifices herself to blow up the massive Infected repository. Now a duo, Joel and Ellie continue their journey West to find the Fireflies. Next stop: Bill and Frank’s.

Remember: “Save someone you can save.” Okay, I’ll keep crying now. See you next Sunday!


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