Sons of the Forest: Rope Gun’s location, plus where to find the rope

Some caves in Children of the forest will ask you to use string gun to zipline into deeper areas. The rope gun can be used to create ziplines to a higher or lower area and it can also be used to drive those ziplines. However, to get the string gun in Children of the forest, you will have to explore another cave. Read on to find out which caves to enter and learn where to find ropes and zipline materials in Children of the forest.

As always, prepare yourself with weapons, food and water, as there will be a lot of enemies inside the cave.

Where to find string guns in Sons of the Forest

  1. Travel to wire gun cave shown in the map annotated above. The cave is located on the western side of the snowy mountains on a path by the lake.
  2. Enter the cave and proceed forward until the cave opens into a large room. This room will have many cannibals in the cave, so be prepared to fight a lot of enemies.
  3. Stick to the left side of the cave to find the opening for a new path, and follow that path until you reach a passage blocked by a mutant.
  4. Pick up the ticking time bomb on the floor to the right of the blocked passage and throw it at the mutant to open the entrance.
  5. Continue through the cave until you reach the first fork in the road. The path to the left will lead to the rope gun, but the path to the right will lead to a page that offers a bit of lore.
  6. Take the path to the left and move through the cave until you come to another fork in the road. The path on the left will lead to a dead end with some materials available to pick up and The right path will lead to the rope gun.
  7. Follow the right path until you reach a cliff with a string gun in a briefcase.
  8. Collect the rope gun and use it on the zipline to reach the exit of the cave.

How to use a string gun in Sons of the Forest

The Sons of the Forest inventory shows a combination of printed grappling hooks and ropes to create a zipline.

Image: Endnight Games/Newnight via Polygon

String guns have two purposes in Children of the forest:

  • Create ziplines that reach higher or lower heights
  • Lets you ride those ziplines

Ziplines can be created by equipping a string gun, then firing it at a point on the environment; this will create one of the zipline’s endpoints. (When equipped, a white dot will appear on the screen telling you where to place the zipline.) After placing the first point, fire the rope gun again to place the other end of the zipline. Maybe you will need ziplinecan be created by combine a rope and a printed grappling hook. Check out the next section to find out where you can find a 3D printer nearby and camp to find ropes.

To ride the zipline, simply interact with it by holding down the “E” key.

How to get the grappling hook in Sons of the Forest

The entrance to the 3D printer bunker in Sons of the Forest is depicted with an annotated map and image of the game containing a GPS tracking device and a bloody skull.

The entrance to the bunker containing the 3D Printer
Graphics: Johnny Yu/Polygon | Image source: Endnight Games/Newnight via Meryhathor/Reddit

grappling hook must be created with a 3D printer, which can be found in some bunkers on the map. The bunker with the 3D printer, labeled on the annotated map in the image above, can be found near the entrance to the cave with a wire gun. Inside the bunker, interacting with the computer next to the 3D printer to convert the build to a grappling hook requires 100 ml of turpentine to make two hooks.

Where to find strings in Sons of the Forest

A camp inhabited by cannibals filled with ropes in Sons of the Forest

A living camp of cannibals filled with ropes
Graphics: Johnny Yu/Polygon | Image source: Endnight Games/Newnight via Meryhathor/Reddit

Wires can be found in caves, camps, bunkers and containers randomly scattered across the map in Children of the forest. There are a few cannibal camps that contain many ropes near some spawn points and the Rope Gun cave. Check out the map annotated above to find some cannibal camps nearby.

Now that you have a rope gun, use it to get shovel in another cave.


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