[Review] Features of Samsung Microwave & Custom Refrigerator

You never really appreciate what you have until it’s not there.

This thought kept running through my mind for the first three months after we moved into the newly renovated office, because all we had in our raw pantry was a kettle, water filter and snacks.

In our efforts to stay frugal, my colleague Claudia and I often make our own iced drinks to beat the afternoon heat. Without a freezer, that’s not possible.

Meanwhile, some other colleagues often bring home cooked food for lunch and don’t have a microwave or stove to warm up, they can only eat food that has already cooled. Not to mention, a little less fresh than they wanted, as we didn’t have a fridge either.

Even so, after Samsung’s BESPOKE Bottom Refrigerator and Convection Microwave with HotBlast™ 35L were made available, all these inconveniences were reduced and more.

To explain how they have supplemented our office in a variety of ways, here are some of the scenarios put together.

1. When you don’t have countertop space for a hob, steamer, microwave, air fryer, and grill, buy yourself a device that can do it all.

Samsung’s microwave oven acts as a multifunctional kitchen appliance. For those with limited countertop space, this oven can replace a grill, a steamer, an air fryer, and of course, a microwave and oven.

Some of the first dishes we cooked in the microwave measuring 52.8cm (L) x 40.4cm (W) x 48.1cm (H) were frozen pizzas and lasagna using the automatic modes. (more information will be available later).

The cooking process is convenient, and they turn out well. Their cheese was melted and crispy without being dry inside.

There’s also a mode that Samsung calls PowerGrill Duo, which lets you enjoy evenly cooked baked goods.

“HotBlast™” refers to Samsung’s new microwave technology. With it, powerful hot air is blown downwards, directly onto the food from 52 evenly distributed air holes.

What I like most about this appliance is the automatic modes combined with the Quick Cook Guide that comes in the box.

That’s where you can find the right channels for cooking roasted or grilled chicken, homemade and frozen pizza, defrosting food, steaming dumplings, air-frying chicken or even dough.

Through the oven’s preset cooking programs, I can switch between numbers to select my preferred dish setting and weight, to ensure that the food is cooked well.

This allows me to “put it and let it”, allowing the HotBlast™ Convection Microwave to cook my dishes perfectly.

Essentially, an oven is a convenient tool for those who don’t have the skills or time to cook.

2. All those times when you conveniently “forgot” to clean your long-standing dirty microwave because of inconvenience? That is no longer an excuse.

Since most of the oven’s heating elements are exposed, cleaning is easy with a quick wipe with a soft soapy cloth on the oven’s ultra-durable porcelain enamel, which is also scratch-resistant.

There are also no small, narrow crevices (where all the worst filth tends to gather) that you have to carefully dig into to clean.

All necessary oven accessories such as the turntable, wire rack, grill, Pro stainless steel steam bowl and saucer (basically a pizza pan), are removable and can also be removed. wash.

For any stubborn impurities that have a foul smell coming from inside the oven, Samsung’s manual recommends heating one cup of diluted lemon juice at full power for 10 minutes to deodorize the cavity.

3. When your leftovers start to rot, you don’t need to worry about odors circulating in the refrigerator before you have time to throw them out.

My boss once bought me some food and divided it into portions: one to eat, one left over to keep in a container in the fridge, and another to keep in the freezer for later.

Food stored in the freezer

Busy with work duties and meetings, leftovers packed in the fridge kept for more than two weeks and started to spoil.

When we finally poured the food out, we found that it was rotting, but the pungent smell didn’t waft into the fridge. The same is true for the Musang King ice cream we left in the freezer a while back.

It should be the refrigerator’s Total Cooling system doing its job, as each compartment has separate cooling evaporators so odors don’t mix.

4. Forgetting those fridge groceries you bought a month ago is not a punishment, because they may still be fresh enough to be eaten.

Food preservation is the most basic function of a refrigerator and the BESPOKE Bottom Refrigerator does that with ease.

With a metal cooling plate on the back wall, the refrigerator is able to maintain the optimal internal temperature to keep our food fresh.

This feature works by preventing the loss of cool air when the door is open and quickly restoring any heat loss when the door is closed.

They’ve been sitting in the same spot for about a month now

We’ve been keeping the eggs in the fridge for a month now, and upon inspection, it seemed the fridge did a good job of keeping them edible enough for my coworker to pair with his cup noodles.

To prove it, we performed visual and olfactory tests, even float tests. Well, the eggs failed the buoyancy test, but didn’t show a hint of hilarity, so we considered them edible.

We say edible, because we don’t necessarily recommend anyone hoarding food or groceries for long periods of time, especially those with sensitive livers.

Another coworker left some pre-cut fruit in the fridge for a few days, even over the weekend, but on its own next Monday it looked good even though it wasn’t kept in an airtight container.

(Okay, we can hear you rate our bad food safety practices in the office, but we’re working on them. That sort of thing.)

One side note is that ice freezes pretty quickly in the freezer. Although Samsung claims that the refrigerator can make ice in four hours, this test shows us that it can freeze a fresh batch of ice in just three hours.

For those of us who make our own iced coffee at the office, at any time of the day, this feature is really appreciated.

5. When you want to personalize your kitchen appliances to match the rest of your interior design, you have options.

Since this is Samsung’s Bespoke product line for kitchen appliances, we had to choose the pastel pink color option for our oven and refrigerator. It also comes in a Glam White and light blue variant.

This is the brand’s way of allowing customers to decorate their kitchen in a way that is in sync with their personal design preferences and style.

For the BESPOKE Bottom Refrigerator, customization is also extended to functions.

You can use it as a single module with one long door (called the BESPOKE 1-Door Flexible Switchable Refrigerator). If you want more storage space, you can combine two modules with four doors or two on opposite sides.

The doors of the refrigerator are also reversible, simply by changing the hinges.

In addition to the fact that our microwave and refrigerator go well together, they add color to our office, like the Aglaonema Pink houseplants we have scattered around the space.

– // –

All in all, the Samsung Convection Microwave with HotBlast™ 35L and the BESPOKE Bottom Mount Refrigerator are good additions to have in any space.

In our less skilled hands when it comes to the art of cooking, they’ve proven to be handy (no pun intended) whether it’s for small cooking, reheating or storing food ( in the long run irresponsibly).

However, even for the kitchen of a more knowledgeable chef, they are appliances that can complement one’s skills well.

Sans discount, base price for the HotBlast™ 35L Convection Microwave with HotBlast™ 35L is RM1,959, while the BESPOKE Bottom Mount Fridge is RM5,499.

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