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Not satisfied with the original HD port removal Pikmin during that time June 2023 Nintendo DirectPlatform owners also see fit to provide us with this lightly improved version of the sequel, very excellent Pikmin 2. Acclaim!

Yes, Nintendo has helped us solidly in Pikmin 4 hype zone before that game came out, and if you haven’t played this 2004 GameCube gem, you’re in for a great bargain. Pikmin 2 takes the unique and wonderfully innovative background of its timeless predecessor and gently adds more variety to the mix, resulting in a game that is said to be nail (we’re smart) about this franchise so far.

For those unfamiliar, Pikmin 2 sees Captain Olimar back in action, this time starring his colleague Louie, as they take off to collect a host of treasures from the very planet Pikmin he has taken off. landing for the first time. It turns out that bottle caps, batteries, and other junk strewn around the landscape are worth quite a few Pokos on Olimar’s home planet, and he’ll need to collect 100,000 Pokos worth of things to help the Transport Company. Hocotate goods get out of debt . Interesting!

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Pikmin 2 cleverly expands on the action found in the 2001 original by giving players a larger playing field to destroy enemies, take down obstacles, and solve superbly designed environmental puzzles. This time, the time limit from the first game has been removed — plus or minus depending on your perspective — and Olimar, Louie, and Pikmin can descend below the planet’s surface to enjoy some activity. Old fashioned dungeon exploration. their free time. It’s a carefully thought-out expansion of the core formula that makes for a longer adventure, yet remains totally immersive thanks to more interesting and varied locations and enemies, plus some variety. New Pikmin to capture.

Along with your red, yellow, and blue back Pikmin — yellow is now resistant to electric shocks — you add white and purple friends to the mix. White Pikmin can resist poison zones and enemies, will poison enemies that devour them, and can also uncover treasures hidden under the soil. The purple ones are basically steroid-powered Pikmins, big heavy guys that have the strength of ten regular Pikmins and can stun enemies and take more damage as a result.

Another big change here, alongside some new spray powers that can be used to trap enemies in rocks or temporarily speed up your Pikmin, is your ability to individually control both Olimar and Louie, for You have a chance to divide and conquer as you approach obstacles and juggle multiple missions at once. With a quick button press, you can switch between either character and take control of their existing Pikmin followers, giving you more strategic options when moving around the zones. area, deal with enemies, pick up treasure and pass the dungeon unharmed.

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Of course, you can also recall your separate groups to form a single block when needed, and the game’s four separate play areas, along with all the dungeons you’ll be diving into, Do a good job posing problems and puzzles that will require you to steer your crew in clever ways. The co-op modes and challenges of the original titles return here as well, making for a nice package overall and a game that remains our own favorite. Well, this writer at what level. [And this one. – Ed.]

About this HD remake, as we mentioned in our review of the HD version of Pikmin 1this is pretty simple content with higher resolution, upgraded UI elements and implementation Pikmin 3-styled control. This port is also based on the 2009 version New play control! released on the Wii, which in itself brought some improvements to the 2004 original, and you can choose to use motion controls here if you wish.

There are a few nagging personal frustrations aside from the improvements, with this version removing the ‘Breakthrough Mode’ that will display gameplay instructions on the title screen if the game is idle for a while. time. A small cut, we know. Much more strikingly, many of the real-world branded products you took as in-game treasures — Duracell batteries, 7-Up bottle caps, etc. — have been replaced with fictional, possibly branded brands. Probably due to expired license.

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It’s hardly a big deal, but the magic of finding and retrieving these recognizable, branded products you can have in your own home gives the original an edge. additional context. noisy; a small but powerful connection between your world and Olimar’s. It’s a small thing, but despite the convenience and improved resolution of this Switch port, Pikmin veterans may have a hard time shaking off the feeling that they’re not playing. definitive version of the game.

However, aside from these very minor negatives, it’s a good – if rather rudimentary – port that has no performance issues and delivers the full (almost) full Pikmin 2 experience on Switch consoles for gamers. enjoy. And you’ll enjoy it, we suppose, because at the core of Pikmin 2 is a great game, a beautiful age-old experience, and a must-play in our books, especially if you experiencing its fun for the first time.


Pikmin 2 is a great sequel to the 2001 original that expands on the core gameplay of its predecessor in some neat and well thought out ways. This is a bigger game, with more areas and dungeons to explore, more Pikmin types to work with, more protagonists to control, and a few extra modes included for measure. Good. It can be a bare-bones gate, and we do Actually miss those Duracells, but it’s a pretty old game and with a background as entertaining and creative fun as this, it’s still an experience we’d highly recommend trying on Switch.


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