Our 12 best pizza recipes of all time are easy and creative

Pizza is a perfect dish. It is flexible, friendly familyand one of the nice meal can be eaten without a complicated knife or fork (while you’re eating, throw away the whole plate — this is your pizza party!). While I was enjoying the pleasure of a slice of ‘za cheese as a kid, I like to think that my taste for pizza has matured in my new age. And with a look at my picks for the best pizza recipes, I’ll consider that fact confirmed.

Since taking my first bite of pizza made in those formative years, (I remember it like it was just yesterday), I’ve grown raving about my appreciation for crispy crust/topping combos full of creativity. Wither fresh arugula leaves on a bianca pizza or finish it off with a drizzle fruit olive oil are examples of the simple yet profound dimension of flavor that can be built on any crust. And when I learned that sliced ​​peaches, apples, and even figs can create the ultimate pizza goodness, everything in my life changed.

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It sounds dramatic, sure, but if you’re familiar with the Camille Styles team, you’ll know that we take our pizza very serious. Hot debates have raged about the best topping combination, the perfect cheese for your pies, and whether the level of spongy dough or thin foccacia makes for the ideal crust. Of course, we know there’s no single right answer, which is why we’ve developed pizzas for any and all taste and texture preferences.

To streamline end of summer/the beginning of the cozy season cooking, we have compiled all the best pizza recipes for you to bookmark. We have gluten-free pie crusts, toppings recommend best summer productsand the pizzas help you transition to the falling phase with ease. However you like your pizza, we can guarantee your new favorite is bound to be discovered in the list below. Frozen pizza, eat wholeheartedly.

Our best pizza recipes of all time

Peach Pizza, Pesto and Balsamic

Why we love it: As the title correctly states, this recipe is the epitome of summer. The allusion of peach and pesto not only sounds good to the ear, but the combination is also fresh eating magic. While I was initially skeptical about throwing something sweet into a mostly savory mix, this recipe has shown me the light. Peaches are an ideal addition to savory dishes. Pizza perfection.

Hero Ingredients: There’s a reason cheeses have been trending over the past few years: the creamy burrata is different.

Pizza with bacon, apple & sweet potato

Why we love it: I completely agree with Camille’s belief that pizza is the right meal for every month of the year. As we grapple with sweater weather (OK, maybe it’s a little farther than I allow myself to think), my mind is on all the comfort and cozy recipes, I’m happy. tested. This sweet potato/bacon/apple combo is exactly something I want to eat on a cold autumn night. Add to that a flaming fire and a glass of red and your Friday night plans are done.

Hero Ingredients: Deep-fried breadfruit is proof that with a little extra effort, any simple dish can be transformed into a restaurant-like meal.

Crispy fried mung bean dough pizza crust

Why we love it: If you’re gluten-free and tired of biting into crusts that taste a bit like cardboard, this pizza is for you. Although cauliflower skins have a miniature effect, they are never lifelike. Enter: chickpea flour. A staple in South Asian cuisines, this flour substitute is high in protein and *bonus* completely gluten-free. Spend a little time in the kitchen (no more than 30 minutes, most done by hand!) and you’ll have a crispy, spongy, bread-like dough just waiting for your imagination to let loose on those toppings. .

Hero Ingredients: Half a teaspoon of garlic powder gives a sweeter, more subtle flavor than raw garlic, which will lighten your crust.

Caramel Baked Onions and Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula

Why we love it: I can’t think of a reason not to love it! This pizza is everything I want not only in a pie but in any meal. Baking the pizza dough creates a nice layer of smoke, served with creamy mozzarella cheese and sweet onion sauce with a crunchy, crunchy patty. If you’re looking for something to make your next dinner party (and sure to wow every guest), this is it.

Hero Ingredients: “Caramel” might be my favorite word in any glossary of culinary terms. Finally, add the onions and cook over low heat until the onions are fragrant, beautiful and delicious.

Spinach and Ricotta pizza with fragrant olive oil

Why we love it: While I’m definitely part of the mozzarella and burrata (look no further than the recipes above for proof), I strongly believe that ricotta is the best choose for optimal pizza. Inspired by one of the Camille’s Favorite Cookbook, Gjelina: Cooking from Venice, California, This pizza showcases the beauty of a simple approach. With just a few quality ingredients, this spinach-ricotta recipe is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Hero Ingredients: Not only does the garlic oil enhance the flavor of your pizza, but leftovers make for an easy way to wrap any dish in the heat.

Healthy Flatbread Pizza with Eggplant and Ricotta

Why we love it: This flatbread recipe is Camille’s latest pizza creation, and it’s far from perfect. The recipe doubles as creamy, with both eggplant and ricotta stealing the show. Dream up and choose naan, pita, or make your own flatbread crust. As Camille wrote, the original intent for this pizza was as a toast – so there aren’t really any rules.

Hero Ingredients: Camille developed this recipe to get the most out of a good eggplant crop. While it’s not unusual, the abundance of eggplants arriving at the end of July always worries me. Thankfully, slicing and placing an eggplant or two under the oven makes the most of their beautifully charred exterior and tender middle.

Fig, Prosciutto, & Mozzarella Grilled Pizza

Why we love it: If you haven’t started baking pizza yet, make sure to start with this recipe (and prioritize it for summer bucket list!). Sweet, savory and with a hint of spice thanks to the wilted arugula scattered on top, this is, of course, best enjoyed with a glass of rose.

Hero Ingredients: Nothing says summer like the subtle sweetness of fresh figs. Cut in half, the fruit opens to a beautiful kaleidoscope-like interior. Growing up in upstate New Hampshire, I never had a chance to experience anything but dry varieties. Now, after traveling and living, I am fortunate to have enjoyed many fresh figs, and as a result I always consider them treasures.

Avocado Pumpkin Pizza With Arugula & Ricotta Almonds

Why we love it: As pumpkin season approaches, you can bet I’m taking every opportunity I can to indulge in my favorite fall/winter veggies. While I have plenty of recipes to help satisfy my cravings, this is my goal. The squash gives you some comfort in the cold weather on top while the almond ricotta provides a delicious, nutritious base. Prepare yourself: greasy, fatty and mushy cakes are waiting for you.

Hero Ingredients: The purple onion caramel helps the allium develop its signature sweet flavor, plus it will give your pizza a welcome fall shade.

Glazed pear flatbread with Prosciutto, walnuts and goat cheese

Why we love it: Now this is the real fall food. While all pizzas are crowd-pleasing and party-goers, this one is sure sure to please any and all palates. If you’re serving this at a dinner party, prepare all the ingredients in advance: pears, toasted walnuts, prosciutto savory, creamy goat cheese and – my favorite – arugula. Let people choose their favorites and combine and split as they please.

Hero Ingredients: I could have said the arugula is my favorite, but I’m sold on anything that includes a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

Palak Paneer Naan Pizza

Why we love it: What could be better than having your favorite dish for dinner? Two of your favorite foods come together! (After all, the more the merrier.) Here’s our Food Editor Suruchi Avasthi, which aims to amplify her love of her mother’s pie (a fresh cheese that retains its shape when cooked) with a pizza placed front and center. This pizza is a variation of the traditional Palak Paneer in that it increases the creaminess so the end result is still delicious, but won’t leave you heavy after a few slices.

Hero Ingredients: Store-bought naan not only makes it easy to bake this pizza, but as Suruchi shares, there are plenty of high-quality options to choose from. Pro tip: Choose garlic naan if you want a little boost of flavor.

Potato pizza

Why we love it: I ate my first potato pizza a few years ago and it was great – I was blown away by, well, how blown away I was. Potatoes are one of those special ingredients that, while humble, bring a lot of texture and depth to a dish. The potato harvest peaks in late spring/early summer, but IMO—they are an earthy dish any time of year.

Hero Ingredients: Marjoram is as an underrated herb! The aromatic, citrusy aroma is complex and adds a surprising sweetness to your cake.

Farinata with caramelized onions and pesto

Why we love it: Aran Goyoaga is the first person we turn to when we need kitchenware. Her thoughtful approach to advancing alternative baking methods has transformed the gluten-free community and the way we approach flours that were once unfamiliar. This farinata makes the most of the nutty flavor of the chickpea flour, bringing both flavor and color into every slice with hazelnut-arugula pesto.

Hero Ingredients: Admittedly I had never made pesto with hazelnuts before trying this recipe. While I usually opt for pine nuts or walnuts, here the hazelnuts offer a distinct earthy flavor that is still buttery and slightly sweet.

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