Marvel’s Midnight Sun Advice for Beginners

Marvel’s Midnight Sun combines XCOM’s turn-based strategy with deck building and Marvel superheroes. When not fighting Lilith’s forces, you’ll need to build relationships with your teammates and invest in upgrades. While you don’t need to worry about losing units in fierce combat, there are plenty of systems to invest in. The Marvel license has the potential to give new fans this kind of strategy experience, so if you’re new to the genre, or even the heroes, here are some tips to get you started in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Learn and maximize different types of moves

One of the most important aspects of combat in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is maximizing your cards and moves to take down the most enemies per turn. For most turns, you’ll have three hands that you can take, along with two draws and one move. As you get different bonuses and upgrades, this may not always be the case, but it’s the norm. Each card will list what it does, the type of card and how much damage it does, if it does damage.

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There are effects like Quick, which refunds a play of cards if you knock an enemy out with it, or Knockback, which sends enemies flying in a direction when hit. Fast card maxing will allow you to play more cards than usual. Another important aspect is the Heroism counter. Heroism is represented by some orange, when it’s in the bottom corner of the card, playing it creates heroism while if it’s at the top, it creates heroism. Stronger abilities consume heroism and it can be used to perform attacks on the environment. It’s important to make sure you’re actively building heroism, There are even quests where you need heroism to complete the goal.

Research, research, research

There are many important upgrades to research in the Forge.
There are many important upgrades to research in the Forge.

Back at the monastery, you’ll gain access to the smithy that allows you to research new upgrades, among other things. This will allow you to improve the facilities around the monastery. These upgrades can make training, crafting, and upgrading more profitable, so it’s important to unlock these early. To better research improvements, you will need to increase your research level. This can be done by finding artifacts in quests. While you can still get lucky and get the artifact, look for quests that list artifacts as a reward to ensure you get the artifact.

Each artifact will boost your research by one level, so there’s no need to do too many quests to get access to all levels of research. Personal projects sometimes have side requirements, often centered around one of the heroes on your list. For example, sometimes you may need to do certain quests with Iron Man to unlock a project, or you may need to craft a certain number of Ms. Certain Marvel. It is important to know that research projects that unlock improvements to the facilities in the Monastery will often need to be purchased with credits once unlocked.

Use buckets

Unlocked by researching and purchasing a level one upgrade for the field, the Training Dummy, the bucket is one of the most versatile abilities in the game. It works exactly as described, allowing one of your heroes to knock enemies down during combat. The reason it’s so handy is that it’s not tied to Heroism or cards, instead tied to your unique move each turn. If you don’t need to move any heroes out of danger, you can shove enemies instead.

The shove itself doesn’t deal any damage, however, shoving them into something can be extremely effective. If there are two regular enemies (those that always get killed in one hit) next to each other, you can shove them together to take them both down, saving a turn of cards. You can also push stronger enemies into the environment, put them in explosives for massive damage, push them into generators to stun, or even push them off ledges for a chance to knock them down. right away. Depending on the situation, shove is just as useful as any other ability in the game, just without any actual cost.

Experiment with different teams, but always bring a healer

The majority of missions will feature a single three-person hero team, with some missions occasionally featuring two teams. For story missions, you’ll typically be asked to bring a Hunter, along with a set character and a character of your choice, although this varies from mission to mission. For non-story missions, you will normally have to choose the main hero for the quest, regardless of who it is and the other two heroes.

This allows you to get creative with your teams and allows you to experiment quite a bit, with one obvious exception. You’ll want to bring a healer with you on every mission, without exception. Unfortunately, your healing options are quite limited to begin with. The only hero that starts with a healing ability – outside of a lifesteal like Blade – is the Hunter. Nico can earn new healing-focused cards pretty quickly, so you’ll want to do some quests with her in the first place. You can try to rely on healing items, but early game you can usually only carry one or two items on each mission, which makes it hard to succeed without items. healing.

Explore the monastery

The standing stones are one of the many mysteries to be solved within the monastery grounds.
The standing stones are one of the many mysteries to be solved within the monastery grounds.

The monastery is the home of the midnight Sun and where you will spend time between missions. While many of the main mechanics, Forge, Yard, Heroic Activity, and Mirror Table will probably be obvious to you, there’s a huge amount of space outside of the Monastery that can be explored. Within the grounds, you can find Arcane chests containing cosmetic items, ingredients for crafting battle items, and progress clubs. There are also many mysteries to uncover and solve on the grounds, which can also yield powerful unlocking abilities. The campus is large and some activities are controlled by the story, so don’t try to find everything in one day.

Don’t worry about leveling up every hero

Daily sparring is a great way to keep under-used heroes on par with the rest of the team.
Daily sparring is a great way to keep under-used heroes on par with the rest of the team.

While you can only pick up a limited number of heroes per mission, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to spend extra time honing to make sure the entire squad is even. After a certain number of quests or the level gap is large enough, the entire hero roster will be upgraded to suit the Hunters. Quests have no levels, instead they scale based on the difficulty of the quest and the level of the heroes in the quest.

After getting some upgrades to the yard, daily scrambling will also sometimes give you a chance to level up the hero you’re fighting with, sometimes a level up, and sometimes you can jump up a specific level. give you the opportunity to contribute. someone on the power-up list.


There are two stations unlocked early in the game that allow you to craft items that can be useful in battle, Agatha’s Item Station and Cauldron. Item Stations allow you to use essences, which can be obtained from quests or by scraping unwanted cards, to craft Battle Items. Battle items can offer specific rewards and benefits during missions, and they never count as a single use of the card in play. The downside is that these items are used once, so you’ll need to keep crafting more.

Agatha’s Cauldron works similarly, except that it uses essences, it uses ingredients that can be obtained on the Monastery Grounds. The two terminals offer different types of items, so it’s best to stock up on both.

other tips

  • Focusing on the main objective, most encounters will throw loads of enemies until you complete your objective, whatever that may be.
  • Wounded heroes are limited in battle, you can still take them on quests but you should probably bring someone else and let them heal.
  • If you feel short of supplies, take some time to complete some of the extra side quests, as there’s no limit to how many quests you complete between story missions.
  • Check out the map and raise both Charlie and Ebony, as interacting with the animals will yield rewards like combat abilities and Arcane XP.
  • When it comes to making friends, each hero has different preferences about what they want to hear from you, so it’s important to learn these. You may even have to select the Light or Dark option in the chat, even if you don’t want to.
  • Arcane chests will respawn after a while and you may want to save your key, as increasing your Arcane level will provide more items whenever you open the chest.

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