How to use resume keywords to find jobs

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When was the last time you printed your resume and gave it to an actual person?

Today, many job seekers don’t come into contact with a real person, living until they pass the electronic screening.

Many companies are using automated applicant tracking systems (ATS), also known as talent management systems, to find candidates.

While ATS systems work well, they eliminate resumes that lack important keywords. That means you could be disqualified for great job opportunities just because your resume and cover letter aren’t optimized for an algorithm.

We asked career coaches and HR experts for tips on how to make sure your resume passes through automated screeners programmed to look for certain keywords.

We will also cover other ways to make your digital resume stand out in the online job search world.

Play the keywords continue

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Resume keywords are specific words or short phrases that describe the skills, abilities, certifications, and qualifications that a hiring manager is looking for in an ideal candidate for a particular position. .

They are buzzwords, action verbs, and concise language that pop up on a resume and bring you closer to a job interview.

But how do you choose the right words and keyword phrases?

Keep reading for some tips.

Different types of resume keywords

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There are two main types of resumes that employers and computer software programs look for: job-related skills and action verbs.

Job related keywords

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Job-related resume keywords describe your key soft skills and hard skills.

This includes your certifications, industry knowledge, certifications, abilities, and previous work experience.

  • Examples of soft skills keywords: communication skills, team building, detail orientation.
  • Examples of hard skills: technical reporting, computer science, accounting, legal, sales, Microsoft Office Suite, WordPress, financial analysis, Quickbooks.

Action verbs

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Action verbs detail what you did or how you did it. They help describe your skills and achievements.

Here are some solid action words to use on a resume:

  • perform
  • maximize
  • communicate
  • operate
  • reasonable arrangement
  • manage
  • integrated
  • overhaul
  • facilitate
  • staged
  • directional
  • improve
  • Enforcement
  • optimization

Thoroughly review job listings

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You have a higher chance of being interviewed if your resume uses keywords from the job description about your desired role.

It makes sense: Hiring managers want candidates with the relevant skills to match the position.

You can take two different approaches:

  1. Check out job descriptions that are similar to the positions you’re applying for and identify keyword patterns to include on your resume.
  2. Tailor your resume to each job listing you’re applying for, using specific keywords and language from that job description.

If you’re inspired by some job listings, make a list of common keywords and phrases. Refer back to the list as you revise your resume.

If you write a targeted resume, it should include the exact language from the job ad. For example, if the company uses “BA”, you should do the same. If they say “bachelor’s degree,” use that resume keyword.

Never plagiarize entire sentences or copy verbatim parts from job ads.

If you borrow too much content from the job description, your resume may be rejected automatically. Look for a more organic approach and use keywords from the job ad throughout your resume.

Review company website for more keywords continue

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You can learn a lot by reading the company’s About page.

How does the company describe itself? How is the culture? What core values ​​does it emphasize?

Reviewing keywords on a company website is a great way to personalize your resume and increase your odds of landing an interview.

You can also search for resume keywords on:

  • The company’s LinkedIn page.
  • LinkedIn employee profiles.
  • Industrial organizations and commercial sites.
  • Competitor sites.
  • Google”[industry] Continue keyword “for more specific recommendations.

A Google search is a great way to find resume keywords that match your background and experience.

For more inspiration, try searching for buzzwords that continue based on:

  • Location (i.e. content creator keywords, journalist keywords, nursing assistant keywords)
  • Industry (i.e. ad resume keywords)
  • Seniority (ie management keywords, entry-level placement keywords)

Tips for using continue keyword

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You’ve found some great keywords – but now what?

Relax, you don’t have to rewrite your entire resume from scratch. Instead, here are some tips to keep in mind when optimizing your resume.

The more specific the better

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If you’re a Photoshop or WordPress pro, name the programs instead of saying “photo editing experience” or “have worked with a content management system”.

Sprinkle them in

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Don’t just cram as many keywords as possible into the skills section of your resume. Spread them out all over the document. Integrate them naturally into your resume summary and past job descriptions. You can also create a separate “relevant skills” or “core competencies” section to list related keywords.

Do not lie

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This is obvious, but don’t include keywords unless you have the skills and experience to back them up. You can sneak past the ATS, but lying on your resume won’t fly with the hiring manager.

Mix it up

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Include a variety of job-related resume keywords and activity verbs. Consider incorporating synonyms of the keywords you already use. For example, instead of writing “generated weekly production report” twice, you could try writing “supported engineering paperwork”.

Add keywords to your emails and cover letters

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The use of some power words and industry buzzwords in emails and/or cover letters for a hiring manager should never be an issue. If a job posting instructs you to include a specific phrase in the email subject line, go for it. Your resume may be removed if not.

Adding a skills section is another great way to call attention to the specific talents and tools employers are looking for in the hiring process.

The old one-page rule still applies

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Remember in high school when you first learned about resumes? Rule #1 is to keep your resume to one page.

That still applies, said Michelle Quinn, location director of HireMinds LLC, a recruitment and placement agency in Boston.

A pager, she says, is the first test of a person’s “ability to clearly present rich amounts of information on a limited canvas.”

However, she says, if you think the stuff you leave out is still important for the hiring manager to see, put it on your personal website and add a link to it.

Readability is important for both humans and algorithms

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Whether it’s reviewed by a hiring manager or an applicant tracking system, your resume should be easy to read. recommends using a font like Arial or Times New Roman in size 10 or 12 for maximum readability. Ignore fonts that look like handwriting or handwriting.

If you want to show off your design prowess and work samples, the best place to do that is through your online portfolio. Make sure to include a link to it in your resume.

Regardless of which resume format you choose, don’t overload it with superfluous, unnecessary information. Tailor it to the specific job listing you’re applying for.

Also: Be aware of the amount of white space on the document itself – too much makes your experience appear sparse, too little will overwhelm the reader.

Disclosure: The information you read here is always objective. However, we sometimes receive compensation when you click on links in our stories.

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