Farming Simulator 23: Nintendo Switch (Switch) version review

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Taken on Nintendo Switch (Docked)

Being a farmer is a big job. You have to water the fields, rotate the crops and monitor the market prices to make sure you can make a decent profit. If you’ve ever dreamed of trying your hand at this noble profession but didn’t have hundreds of acres to play with, Farming Simulator 23: Nintendo Switch Version here to give you realistic farming action that might be missing in games like Star Valley And Seasonal story.

The simulation game is very complex; they don’t necessarily have the best graphics, but they do need to feel real when you’re behind the wheel of these machines. Farming Simulator 23 has put a lot of effort into recreating farm equipment so you can drive around. Tractors, plows, and plows all look like something you might have gotten stuck behind while on a country road. While we may not have personally driven them, most of us have seen them in action before, and the vehicles in this game do a great job of replicating how they move and handle.

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Unfortunately, that realism only goes so far. Farming Simulator 23: Nintendo Switch Edition encountered some technical limitations that almost immediately affected our fun. There are only two maps available for you to build your farm on, which is like a step back from the three offered in the previous game. There are also fewer animals to keep and fewer vehicles to buy, making it feel a bit smaller than its predecessor. There’s almost no particle effect, making it hard to tell when it’s going to rain, which can greatly affect how you approach your day.

It becomes very clear as soon as you load up Farming Simulator 23 that there is no right or wrong way to play the game. You can focus on raising livestock, farming or delving into forestry for a living, each with its own set of challenges and advantages. You start with $100,000 in cash and some machines can get you started on your journey, no matter which route you want to take.

This freedom is amazing and very much in line with what we have come to expect from emulators like this. However, the guide doesn’t cover anything other than the basics of the game’s controls, and almost nothing about how to actually run your farm. We appreciate the effort of not holding hands as we go through the game, but even a deeper exploration of how to get your field ready for planting would be helpful. Searching for help files left us scratching our heads as to what the right process would be.

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Taken on Nintendo Switch (Docked)

After you have all your farming equipment and figure out how to use it, you just sit back and let your AI farmers do the work. If you want to run an efficient farm, you need to simultaneously plow, hoe, sow and harvest in the right order, which can be a juggling act. You’ll spend most of your time in Farming Simulator 23 making sure your employees don’t run out of fields to plow or they don’t clash.

The system is meant to help you keep multiple discs spinning at once and it works great, but it takes a bit of fun just driving the tractor around. Simulation games work best when they allow you to get your hands dirty; Driving these big machines is part of the experience and it just feels flawed here.

Even using farmers to automate our farm did not make things run smoothly for us. There are some nasty moments along the way that make the game more difficult than it should be. For example, there is no option to deliver newly purchased farm equipment to you. You have to go to the depot, maybe a few miles away, and drive it back yourself, or use an unintuitive system to have one of your AI farmers drive one or both vehicles for you. This is okay when we want a new pickup truck to get around town, but a forklift, which has top speed in icy ranges, feels like it could take us days. use it.

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That same forklift highlighted one of the other problems with Farming Simulator 23. The physics in the game wasn’t really great, so when we tried to load a tray of freshly laid eggs into the back of the pickup. game, the game panicked and then a brief but amusing shudder sent the truck into the air and into the field beside us. We quickly panicked and damaged the forklift, leaving it on its side and rendering it unusable unless we bought another forklift to lift it back up on its wheels. It seemed like a bridge too far so we left it there for the rest of the gameplay, as a sad testament to the physical state of the game. And we never managed to get those eggs to market.

These bugs are mostly quirky and funny but make the game less realistic and grounded than we expected. They broke the immersion we hoped to get from a real farm simulation game, but the lack of any important tutorials makes Farming Simulator 23: Nintendo Switch Edition hard to recommend to anyone. other than the most demanding farmers. Even then, the gameplay is too relaxed to make it really engaging, and it’s hard to imagine that there’s more of a market for older folks who want a more mobile-friendly version to supplement. for a full fat experience.


There’s a lot of fun in Farming Simulator 23: Nintendo Switch Edition, but those who find it will need to be deeply familiar with the farming process. This version feels like a significant downgrade compared to the PC version released in late 2021 and has a number of gameplay bugs that interfere with the actual experience of running a farm. Unless you’re looking to do your farming on the go with the Switch, there are better entries in this series to play.


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