Do’s and Don’ts when developing software abroad in 2023

The most important thing when working with an overseas software development partner is to remember that you are collaborating. It’s a partnership not a hierarchy of managers and employees.

A lot of business owners don’t understand this just because they pay and the offshore company does the work. However, they forget that the choice comes from both sides.

If you choose an outsourcing company, you should also wait for them to choose you, of course if they are a quality company.

Let’s take a look at some of the important points below that you overseas software development partnership will be a success.

What to do in an offshore software development partnership

1. Clearly state your goals and requirements

First things first, you must clearly define your business and project goals as well as a detailed list of product specifications and requirements.

If you don’t have enough experience and technology knowledge to make a product requirement list, that’s okay. Not all business owners need to be tech-savvy. Knowing your business goals and the industry your future product belongs to is enough in the early stages.

It’s natural for business owners to come up with a great idea for their business but feel at a loss when trying to get started on that idea. This is where a reliable and experienced foreign software development partner should step in and guide you in the right direction.

2. Good research

The technology market today is huge and it is growing at an incredibly fast rate every day. There are a large number of software development companies and a variety of software development technologies available out there. When trying to find the right software partner among the many, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of options. Things can get more difficult if you’re not familiar with the tech world.

But nothing is impossible. You just need to take smarter steps so that you don’t waste too much time and effort on your journey to find a reliable software development partner.

Start with research. Keep it simple. Don’t let yourself drown in the flood of information. Filter your options by your goal and continue from there. Look up reviews, experience, industry expertise – let these be your beacons to help you find the right software partner.

3. Choose a foreign software development company with experience in various industries

Software development companies people with more experience working with businesses across different industries are often more knowledgeable about how things should be done. They are more reliable because they have tasted it all and can offer you many things – new approaches, new ideas, different perspectives on your project and effective implementation. They know all the processes and hidden layers that may arise during development and will be able to meet your expectations in a better way than companies with less experience.

The perfect scenario would be to find a foreign software development company that has developed projects related to your industry. However, do not make this fact dogmatically true. The main points that you need to tick your future partner are:

  • Experience
  • Long-term cooperation
  • qualified experts
  • Positive customer testimonials

As soon as you have a list of some companies that fit this description, you can give them a quick call and then go with the flow – see who matches your qualifications, who is really interested. your project, who properly communicates their work ethic, and so on.

5. Communicate and communicate more

Communication is key. Communication with your partner is just as important at the beginning of your possible overseas software development cooperation as well as during the entire development process.

Choose the platform(s) that you and your partner find convenient for communication and stick with them for the rest of the project development. Have regular meetings with your development team or technical lead to ensure you agree on deadlines, task processing, project deliverables, etc.

6. Learn to trust your foreign software development partner

Long-term and solid partnership is based on faith and belief alone.

You can check in with your software team from time to time to get along with the whole process, but do it for good reason.

As mentioned, foreign software development companies are not just service providers – they are business partners. You trust your partner and don’t teach them how things should be done. A partnership is a mutually beneficial association between two or more parties, which means your software team is just as interested in the success of the project as you are. So trust them with the work and spend your time focusing on what’s your responsibility in the business.

You can’t imagine how relieved it would be to learn to trust in business — it’s the key to success and building healthy business relationships.

Note: Trusting does not mean letting go of the whole process. It means working together while respecting the freedoms of the parties involved in software development. Nurturing a healthy environment helps your team reap momentum and creativity, and helps you get high-quality products developed in a timely manner.

Try to focus enough on the project development process to ensure that whatever is being developed meets your business goals; at the same time let the technology team do technology-related work.

This sounds a bit like a set of tips for romantic relationships, doesn’t it? Well, it can go that way but it holds true for business partnerships as well. A healthy environment and relationships are vital in all of our interactions – be it business or family and friends.

7. Time difference: Consider first

If you have decided to cooperate with a Software development abroad company, you should consider time zone differences. Usually, this is not a big deal, but choosing the optimal version when there are time zone differences can make communication much easier.

Today’s offshore companies offer a lot of benefits: reasonable budget, top talent, flexibility, fresh perspective on your business projects, etc. If you believe in software partner If your foreign country is all-inclusive then the time zone difference won’t push you back.

What not to do in an offshore software development partnership

1. Don’t be arrogant: you’re not always right

Let’s call a spade a spade. Many business owners think they know all and understand everything about software development. They don’t want to accept different approaches, different opinions – everything has to be the way they see it. Such an attitude can lead to many failed partnerships and finally a failed project.

Don’t do this with your overseas software development team. Tell them about your idea and listen to what they think about it. They may have one or two things to discuss to make your project’s success a reality.

2. Don’t micromanage but don’t disappear from the process either

Don’t look down on your overseas software development team. Remember that talk we had above about healthy relationships? Well, micromanagement is one of the most toxic things in a business partnership.

Keep balance. Please identify. There are regular meetings. Tell them what you like and what you don’t like. If you want something to be developed differently, say so. But give the software team the time and space they need to do their job.

3. Don’t forget data security

Security is extremely important. If you have all the security measures and standards in place for your business, you need to make sure that the same holds true for your technology partners. Implementing the right security measures should be a priority for everyone involved in the software project development process – when we say everyone, we mean it – each and every employees at your company and at your foreign partner’s team must have security knowledge.

High security will essentially save your business from many headaches, such as:

  • Losses
  • damaged reputation
  • Loss of consumer trust (especially if consumer data is leaked due to a cyber attack)
  • Brand erosion

We cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your data across all channels of your business, especially now. The number of cyber attacks has skyrocketed. Don’t skimp on data security measures.

4. Don’t go after the cheapest foreign software development partner

You may be on a tight budget and that’s quite understandable, especially in our tumultuous times. However, don’t automatically choose the cheapest option you have. Cheap does not mean high quality, even and especially in the case of overseas software development teams. In fact, the cheapest option can cost you more than you expect.

Why? The answer is simple – because you will get a low quality product in the best case and a bad product in the worst case. In either case, you will have to go to another software partner to request that your product be restored or rewritten from scratch.

Does this sound like something you want to experience?

5. Don’t stick to the plan

The world of technology and its major software development companies are long gone agile, nimble The current. It is good to have a detailed and clear project plan but sticking to it even if another approach proves to be more effective halfway through the project, is not the best idea.

Be more open-minded and let the project happen while it is in development. You may find that small deviations from the original plan are actually refining and refining your project in unexpected ways.

6. Don’t deny cultural differences

Speaking of overseas software development teams, you should also consider cultural differences that you may have. These can be especially vivid if your foreign team is, for example, from the extreme East of the world, while you are a company based in Europe or the United States. If you are not willing to handle situations where you may be misunderstood due to cultural differences, you are better off choosing a group that is closer to you psychologically.

Eastern Europe could be the gold hub for you. However, you can find great partners all over the world and cultural differences can really be of great benefit to your business and projects as they can be challenging. your accepted business strategies and bring you new ideas. Who knows?

As for language differences, don’t worry. Most people working in IT speak English quite well regardless of their geographical location and cultural background. Not to mention the fact that a lot of foreign software development companies offer English classes to their employees because English happens to be the language of modern technology.

There are also software companies that can provide you with groups that speak other European languages, e.g. German, French, etc., in case you find it difficult to communicate in English.

break up thoughts

One foreign cooperation will help your business grow and boost your bottom line – making sure to take full advantage of its potential benefits and advantages. Remember that the most important thing is to find a reliable and experienced technology partner who truly cares about your project and its success. The rest will work out as you continue.

Featured image credit: Mikael Blomkvist; Pexels; Thank you!

Sona Dabaghyan

Sona Dabaghyan

I’m Sona Dabaghyan, content writer at VOLO, a software development company based in Armenia.


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