Destiny 2 Lightfall Neomuna Lost Areas Location

destiny 2‘S light The expansion takes the player to Neomuna, a city on Neptune that looks a bit like a late ’80s fever dream. As before. destiny 2 patrol areas, Neomuna introduces a new series of Lost Zones — challenging optional dungeons that are a bit different from the beaten path. IN lightthere are now three new Lost Zones: Hydroponics Delta, Gilded Precept and Thrilladrome.

Whether you’re ticking them off your list as a first-time explorer to Neptune or replaying them as part of the latest Lost Area rotation, you should find out where These planetary dungeons reside.

Destiny 2 map showing Lightfall Lost Sectors Hydroponics Delta, Gilded Precept and Thrilladrome in Neomuna on Neptune.

Location of Hydroponics Delta (1), Gilded Precept (2) and Thrilladrome (3).
Image: Bungie over Polygon

You can see the general location of the Lost Sector on destiny 2Its map is represented by a chalk door icon. When you go to the common area of ​​each one, you can see the same icon plastered on some buildings or ammo crates or whatever. However, figuring out exactly how to access each one can be a pain.

Below, we tracked the location of each Lost Area in Destiny 2: Light, plus instructions on how to get started with each one. As for actually completing these dungeons? Simple: Don’t die.

Location of Hydroponics Delta in Destiny 2

A hunter looks at a building leading to the Hydroponics Delta's Lost Zone on Neomuna in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Image: Bungie over Polygon

The first lost area, plain hydroponicslocated in the southwest corner of Waiting Room Zephyr. When you reach this area, you will see a building surrounded by stairs with a landing platform above. Go all the way down the stairs, then turn left. Across the abyss is a series of balconies that must have the worst views in Neptune. Rent bets still suck though.

A hunter looks into the golden door leading to the Hydroponic Lost Zone on Neptune in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Image: Bungie over Polygon

Such a balcony is illuminated with golden light. Jump to that one, then follow the corridor. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a room neatly divided by a beam covered with neon-colored plants that almost certainly have powerful hallucinogenic properties. Below the beam is a hole. Drop in there to start Lost Sector.

A hunter looks into a hole in the corridor leading to the Hydroponics Delta in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

You can’t miss (p) it.
Image: Bungie over Polygon

Hydroponics Delta is in Power supply 1760 – significantly higher than lightBase energy level is 1600 — so you might want to finish light Legendary campaign First to give yourself a welcome boost.

Location of Gilded Precept in Destiny 2

A hunter stares at a stone pillar near the Lost Area of ​​the Gilded Precepts in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Image: Bungie over Polygon

The second lost area, gilded world, located in the northeast corner of Ahimsa Park—slightly far from the eastern boundary, nestled inside the giant spaceship. You will see a Lost Sector symbol at the base of a stone pillar, indicating that you may have to climb there to find the entrance to the Gilded Precept. Don’t waste your time.

Instead, jump off the cliff to your left and follow the natural outcrops until you can’t go any lower. To your left you will see a series of thin ledges leading to a thin vanishing crack in the ship flanked by two small yellow lights. That leads to a corridor, at the end of which is the Lost Sector.

A hunter looks at a giant ship leading to the Gilded Precept Lost Sector in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Alright, this one you Maybe Miss.
Image: Bungie over Polygon

The gilded precepts in Power supply 1770so if you can’t handle Hydroponics Delta, then don’t bother trying.

Thrilladrome Location in Destiny 2

A hunter stares at a building containing the Destiny 2 Horror Movie Lightfall Lost Sector.

Image: Bungie over Polygon

The last lost area, Thrilling, located on the northern edge of Port Liming — geographically located in the center of Neomuna. It is in a building with a two-story skylight. Use the crate (which contains a variety of plants that are sure to cause tripping) to jump to the mezzanine above.

A hunter stares skeptically at a crate full of LSD plants in Destiny 2 Lightfall while searching for the Lost Zone of the Thrilladrome on Neptune.

Image: Bungie over Polygon

In the northeast corner you will see a vent. Shoot it, and follow the corridor to the end.

A hunter stares into a vent in the wall of a building in Destiny 2 Lightfall's new Neomuna expansion.

Image: Bungie over Polygon

One of the floor slabs at the end of the hallway is a vent. Shoot that too. You will find yourself in the Lost Sector.

A hunter stares at a vent in the floor of a corridor in Destiny 2's Neomuna location on Neptune while searching for the Lost Zone of the Lightfall Thrilladrome.

Image: Bungie over Polygon

Thrilladrome is in Power supply 1780. Also, while the Hydroponics Delta and Gilded Precept pit you against an army of mindless Cabals, this particular Lost Sector sees you go head-to-head with the Vex.


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