Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion review: the important revival in the FF7 saga

Experience one of the most important ingredients of praise Final Fantasy 7 saga has become more difficult than in recent years. Until recently, playing the original Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, launched 15 years ago, required the long-discontinued PlayStation Portable. If you don’t have it yet, you can expect to pay around $250 to experience a game. Thankfully, we now have Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunionthe definitive — and accessible — way to experience a prequel to one of the most revered games of all time and thrilling modern remake.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion not a full remake — at least, not in the most ambitious way of 2020 Final Fantasy 7 remake to be. It’s also not a simple remaster. Instead, it’s somewhere in the middle — a captivating rendition that confidently portrays Crisis core in modern terms, flaws and all, and asks you to come along for the ride. Was the ride perfect, or anything that can be measured Final Fantasy 7 remake or even the original Final Fantasy 7? Nothing. Is it worth taking? Sure. Especially now, as these characters go in intriguing directions in the sequel Final Fantasy 7 Reincarnation.

the story of Crisis core follows not the iconic Cloud Strife but Zack Fair, an extroverted man who has a unique ability to display warm kindness when he destroys whatever targets the Shinra Corporations assigned to him. He becomes a rising star in the ranks of a paramilitary organization called SOLDIER, falling in love and gaining the confidence to shake off his pessimistic boss. In other words, he’s at his peak. It’s hard not to be instantly mesmerized by his boundless optimism and over-eager nature. But those dreams become complicated when he finds himself entangled in a mysterious web when his mentor, Angeal, suddenly disappears. Zack is tasked with finding him and Genesis, a first-class SOLDIER member who has left the organization and especially a famous friend of war hero Sephiroth.

Zack Fair, protagonist of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, looks under the camera as the sun covers him from the front

Image: Square Enix via Polygon

It’s a story with a lot of jargon, but it’s easy to follow, especially when you overlook some of the text’s imperfections. Genesis is a nasty main antagonist who can’t stop quoting lines from a fictional play he’s obsessed with; some character motives are flimsy; Many quiet and emotional moments don’t have enough room to breathe. Yet it is a touching story of identity, the frayed relationships between friends as they change irrevocably, and the legacies we leave behind. Ultimately, it hits all the emotional beats needed to make the ending one of the most memorable in the Final Fantasy series.

Aesthetically, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is gorgeous. Sometimes the visual changes are enough to make you forget you’re playing through 15-year-old content. For example, old images never capture the way the sun’s rays kiss the leaves of a Banora White tree, or Aerith’s raised eyebrow conveys her uncertainty at a time when she was young, innocent. more poetic and in love. And while some of the new cutscenes are sharpened to the point of grainy, the overall enhanced level of detail results in Crisis core that’s totally more expressive than the original.

Original Crisis core is notable for its distinctive combat system and it has been tweaked to be more fluid in 2022. As was the case with the original, materia — items that allow you to cast spells and perform moves combat effects — linked to certain spells and abilities, and lets you play around with different builds. For example, you can use a low AP build that relies only on AP usage materials. (This makes the game more challenging, but admittedly it’s easy in Normal mode and some players might want a more challenge.) Or, you can cast high magic , build high MP and use magic to exploit enemy weaknesses to your heart’s content. Even though you only play one character, you can bend the rules logically.

Zack Fair uses a sword jump in battle in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

Image: Square Enix

The central mechanism of the battle, Digital Mind Wave, combines story and gameplay to provide characterizations in addition to limit breaks, status buffs, and even leveling up Zack or his materia ta. It’s a bit complicated Final Fantasy 8 the junction system in that it is not more elegant and complex than usual, but refreshing in its originality. Reunion in Final Fantasy 7 also add a new combo system and a time period when you can break the enemy’s strongest attack. Finally, there’s a new shortcut menu for your document. These changes may sound small, but they turn a combat system I was once vague about into an absolute blast.

The most important is Crisis core It’s really fun to play, because you spend most of the game’s time in combat, and the visual enhancements make for significant pacing between key story beats. The side quests — unlocking new materials and equipment — work exactly as they did in the original: You enter an isolated area, slay some monsters, and claim your rewards. But thanks to mechanical improvements, these detours aren’t an endeavor you’ll dread; instead, you may find yourself just doing once again before going back to the main story. When you do, you will receive rewards that seem too good for the amount of work you put in.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion It’s a short and sweet affair, arriving at about 12 o’clock. However, it is very important to the canon of Final Fantasy 7especially when taking the shocking ending of Final Fantasy 7 remake into account. It’s a journey worth taking in 2022, even if it’s for Zack alone — as a modern opportunity to get to know the man who deeply shaped Cloud, Aerith, and many iconic characters. story icon. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion will never have the effect of greatness Final Fantasy 7 remakebut as we get closer to Final Fantasy 7 Reincarnationit’s well worth a try — especially now that a lot of the rough edges have been smoothed out.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion will be released on December 13 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The game has been evaluated on PC using a pre-release download code provided by Square Enix . Vox Media has an affiliate partnership. These do not affect editorial content, although Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased through affiliate links. You can find Additional information on Polygon’s ethics policy can be found here.


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