Bug Bite Thing Review: This treatment can provide instant itch relief for bug bites

The weather is finally warm, which means it’s time Cooking meat, camp, Long walk and often squeezes out time outdoors. But rising temperatures don’t just make people crave a bit of nature; It also means Bugs and Insects fully launched.

If mosquitoes, bees and other scary animals go out in the summer often leaves you on the wrong end of a bite or sting, consider trying Bug Bite Thing (yes, that’s the name), a tool that helps relieve the itching and discomfort of bites.

Create by a mother Wanting to find a better cure for her daughter’s bite, Bug Bite Thing uses suction to suck saliva or venom from the bug’s bite, instantly reducing itching and swelling. It went viral after being featured on “Shark Tank“And now the #1 bestseller on Amazon for insect bites treatment. With over 4,000 reviews at the major retailer, we had to put our itchy, bite-covered hands on one to see if it really worked. So with our own Bug Bite Thing packed, we set off on a weeklong camping trip to see if this little treat could give us some much-needed relief. necessary or not.

A suction-based bite reducer

If you are frequently bitten by bugs in the summer, this device can give you relief. It only works if you use it right after being bitten, so if you’re wary, the Bug Bite Thing can save you hours of itching.

First things first, we love the simplicity of Bug Bite Thing. It has a simple design and is quite intuitive to use. All you have to do is place the device on top of your bite with the plunger fully down, then slowly pull up over the handle of your finger. This raises the piston, creating a suction ring to push the bite irritant out. Suction is key, so make sure you place the opening as flat as possible on the bite. If it’s on an awkward part of your body, such as your fingers or the top of your feet, you can flip the cap over and use the other side, where there’s a smaller suction area. Just use caution when applying it to your face or neck, as those areas bruise more easily. If you don’t get a good seal, dab some water on the area (especially if it’s hairy) to help with suction.

Make sure you don’t pull the piston any higher than necessary. You’ll feel a slight suction but never pain or pressure – there’s no need to overdo it. Once you’ve found that balance, hold the piston in place for 10 to 20 seconds, then push the handle down to release. Repeat these steps two or three times and the saliva or venom that irritates the bite must be removed.

Bug Bite Thing

Aside from its simplicity, we found the Bug Bite Thing to be quite effective. It didn’t work 100% of the time, but the Bug Bite Thing helped alleviate most of the bites we got. We got bitten a few times on the thighs and feet, and when we caught them early and applied the Bug Bite Thing, any itching went away almost instantly. Although the tool leaves a small hickey-like ring from the suction, it disappears after a few minutes and no swelling develops, only a slight redness.

After passing it on to our fellow campers, we found that timeliness was the biggest key to its success. Guide to using the Bug Bite Thing as soon as you notice the bite and we think that is definitely the biggest factor in determining whether the Bug Bite Thing actually works or not. If you notice your bite early, you can remove any irritants right away and provide relief. However, if the bite is left alone, your body will begin to react to the irritant and it will be too late for the Stinger Thing to help.

The Bug Bite Thing is less than $10 and can be easily cleaned and reused time and time again. We’ve had it for about two years now and it’s still in combat condition. So, if you are prone to bug bites and are attentive enough to recognize them as soon as an insect strikes, we think Bug Bite Thing is definitely worth a try.

The biggest downside of Bug Bite Thing is that it is too dependent on when you notice your bite. There were some mosquito bites that we didn’t find until later in the day, and even though we tried using the device, they still itch. The Bug Bite Thing is certainly not a magic cure for all your bug problems, but it does help if you’re on the lookout.

If you’re not one to notice bugs when they bite you, this device might not be for you. Your best bet may be to apply insect repellent and apply an anti-itch cream if you get bitten. But at just $10, we think the Bug Bite Thing is worth the investment to try on your next hike or picnic, because if it works for you, it’s easy to slip in your pocket and take away. anywhere.

When looking for ways to reduce bites, your first thought is probably to use anti-itch creams like hydrocortisone or treatments specifically for insect bites such as After biting, contains baking soda. While these are effective, if you want pain relief without any chemicals, your options are far more limited.

Bug Bite Thing

There are creams made from natural ingredients like No-Bite-Me, which uses a combination of essential oils. Besides Bug Bite Thing’s suction-based design, another way to get relief is through devices that use targeted heat like Bite Away. We haven’t tested any of these devices yet, but we like the idea of ​​a reusable device like the Bug Bite Thing because you won’t have to buy and use a lot of anti-itch creams. However, if the bite really bothers you, we recommend keeping the cream on hand in case you accidentally bite and it’s too late to use the Bug Bite Thing.

In under $10Bug Bite Thing is definitely worth a try if you are a mosquito magnet and even best bug repellant spray can’t keep the creatures in the bay. While it’s not a magic device that can make all your bites go away, it can certainly bring some relief if you use it correctly and quickly.

So if you’re constantly scratching your head from summer bites, the Bug Bite Thing might just be the tool to finally find relief. It is available at Amazon in pack one, two, three and six.

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