Brock Lesnar Is Planned To Be A World Championship Candidate If Top WWE Superstars Win It

Brock Lesnar has been on a rampage ever since he lost the match against Cody Rhodes at Backlash. Beast Incarnate is trying to destroy Rhodes whenever he gets the chance. This week on RAW, he broke Rhodes’ arm by attacking him backstage and then inside the ring. However, it is possible to have a solid plan for his actions.

Brock Lesnar will face Cody Rhodes at Night of Champions this Saturday. With Rodes injured before the game, the company had an excuse for Lesnar to win. However, the feud between the two men seems far from over even after the Night of Champions.

According to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling observatory, WWE is preparing Lesnar to be a top contender for the world championship after Cody Rhodes won it. If Lesnar wins in NoC, then both Rhodes and Lesnar will hold a victory for each other, and the story will open for a rubber match later.

” And Brock having a win, Brock having a win isn’t the worst if Cody is going to be champion soon. Because you want to build candidates and Brock is always a viable candidate,” says Meltzer (34:90-35:00).


Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar 3 should win the World title

As of now, Seth Rollins will face off against AJ Styles to determine the first World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions. Lesnar cost Rhodes by interfering in his qualifying match on RAW a few weeks ago. The rivalry between the two sides has become very personal lately, and their clash at the NoC will add another layer to that.

Rhodes’ journey in WWE has been a roller coaster ride marked by ups and downs. Despite facing numerous obstacles, he persevered and developed as a performer, constantly reinventing himself and pushing the boundaries of his character.


Hopefully Cody will become a World Champion soon and can continue his feud with Brock Lesnar when he’s at the top.

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