7 communication skills that remote teams should master to perform more effectively

At the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies around the world were thrown into an unintended predicament. homemade The experiment took place on a global scale.

Now, more than two years later, and with the severity of the pandemic easing, many employers are embracing the much-needed benefits that a flexible work culture has brought to companies and employees. their.

Today, it’s no secret that working from home, or even on a hybrid basis, works pretty well. Companies have reported increased productivity, employee engagement and even higher profits due to lower office costs.

in one research of Stanford University over 16,000 workers showed a 13% increase in productivity in 9 months due to employees having a more convenient working environment.

Another survey of professionally from March 2020, when the pandemic first broke out, showed that remote workers spend less time avoiding work and more time on assigned projects. Increased productivity and working hours led some employees to spend as little as 1.4 working days per month.

There are fairy tales that can help support the claim that working remotely actually benefits the company and its employees.

Although this is a challenging time for many people to adapt to virtual working environmentKey skills such as good communication remain an important factor in any role, whether that role is performed internally or when teams are distributed.

Tips for effective communication

The success of any business, startup or even business venture lies in the ability to communicate effectively with other team members, management, or even customers.

Effective communication is key, which is why employers and their teams often need to improve their communication skills, both written and verbal, to minimize any problems and voice concerns. in a respectful yet professional manner.

Choose a messaging medium

For employers and managers, and more likely employees, it’s important to consider the messaging or communication facilities your team uses. While there are many communication platforms to use, not all of them are equally effective.

Some employees may prefer to use e-mail for communication due to the nature of the message, in other cases direct messaging on an office messaging platform such as Slack or Microsoft Team may be more appropriate. Maybe your company sees more video or voice calls per day than having to communicate via text message.

Each method can be effective in its own way and it’s up to you as a employer or staff to consider what would work best to share information or get feedback from others.

Find out group interests

Some remote team members will often only communicate through a chosen method for day-to-day operations. Depending on what each person wants to share, getting to know everyone’s interests not only makes it easier to get their attention right away, but it also helps establish healthy virtual office boundaries.

In a study by Owl Lab From 2021, 70% of remote workers surveyed said that virtual meetings and video conferencing are less stressful. From the survey, 64% now prefer combination meetings to face-to-face meetings.

Be clear and concise

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to read through a long email just to find the most important information in the last two lines.

For recruiters and managers, get up to speed with crafting short, clear, and concise messages. Get to the point as quickly as possible, but do it professionally.

The same can be said for workers. When replying to a colleague or asking for information about something, avoid small talk in your emails and messages and be clear about your intentions. Again, it’s important to do so professionally to ensure no claims arise due to lack of communication.

Use a nice and practical tone of voice

The lack of face-to-face or even face-to-face communication can quickly cause misunderstandings among employees. There is a high chance that when an email or message is sent, someone will sometimes misread it and find it offensive or possibly rude.

When combine an email, newsletter, or simply contacting someone, consider how you would read the email if you were the recipient. If you think it might be too sudden, change some of the wording. You should think about how you say things, especially in a remote working context.

Not all employees or colleagues share your views, so it’s best to have good intentions both when sending and receiving work-related messages.

Pay attention to different time zones

Realizing that companies can now hire from a broader pool of talented and skilled workers, many remote-only companies often find themselves hiring workers in different time zones. And while this may not be a big deal given the nature of digital tools, when it comes to communication, things tend to get a little more difficult.

Remote teams should clearly communicate what they active working hours compared with other members. Furthermore, whenever an employee is “absent” or on leave, there should be clear communication on how the rest of the team can handle the matter.

Mindfulness also helps establish healthy workplace boundaries. It’s not the most enjoyable experience having to wake up on an early morning video call just because your coworker is still at 9-5. Respect employees’ available working hours and teams can be contacted and scheduled according to their time schedules.

Make time for casual conversations

The virtual office can become a desolate place, especially for teams that don’t often communicate or make video calls. As a way to keep employees engaged and motivated, it’s a good idea to take some time to engage in casual conversations about everyday things.

Making time for employees to meet up after the weekend or just before the holidays via voice or video call will help the remote office feel less lonely and more personal.

Through this, employees can also get to know their team members better, and employers will also have a chance to bond more casually with their employees.

When the opportunity arises, see from time to time how you can interact with other team members through casual chats, even if it’s via instant messaging.

Distributing a newsletter

In the office, news or information quite easily spreads quite quickly, whether it’s good or bad. In the virtual workplace, it’s a little different, and it’s not always possible to find entire teams or businesses synergistically synergistic at the same time.

A great way to ensure employees are well informed about any upcoming events, projects, or general information is to distribute an electronic newsletter. Of course, doing so weekly will seem tedious, but it’s best to do so monthly, or perhaps every two weeks.

Newsletters don’t have to be boring – there are plenty of opportunities here to craft an insightful yet engaging piece of information that will keep employees interested in the business, management, and their colleagues.

To finish

As a remote worker or a remote employer, it can be difficult to communicate effectively with team members when they are scattered across different parts of the country or world. As we know about many other types of business, communication is still an important part of any business to achieve success and meet its goals.

Having an effective method of communicating and allowing teams to stay informed and keep abreast of everything going on will help businesses become more efficient and improve performance.

Take the time to practice good communication skills, both written and verbal, as this can help in the long run as you build a team of remote workeror even looking for a work from home job. Communication, in all its forms and forms, helps businesses operate efficiently but also creates a sense of inclusion in the age of virtual work.

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