6 Australian moms give us the spoons inside on mom’s blog

There’s more to mummy blogging than seeing with the eyes. It’s not just about reviewing the latest baby gear or recommending a favorite stroller. Mother bloggers are just like other parents; they work hard and are hard working parents 24/7. So, what is it really like to be a mummy blogger? We spoke to 6 Australian mummies bloggers who provided us with insider news about this amazing community.

Louise East | More for mom

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

“I am Louise! I love to run, drink strong black tea and develop myself! I am the wife, mother of a toddler and stepmother to 3 wonderful young men. I am so lucky to help mothers lead happier and more confident lives through the More to Mum blog. I do this by helping them develop a productive mindset, practical self-care habits, and make the practical things in life easier.

I started blogging because it was the perfect combination of my long and happy corporate career and my newer passion for motherhood…. Even as we had a desire to improve. their own situation or themselves, mothers have very poor time doing research to find answers is challenging. I do the research for them, making the complex things simple and practical so it can fit into their busy lives.

The other reason I started blogging is because I didn’t want to go back to the corporate world. No one was more surprised than me when I realized I wanted to stay home with my son. So I looked for other avenues to use my skills and experience and help people.

2- What do you like most about blogging?

“I care deeply about encouraging other mothers and helping them lead happier and more confident lives. The fact that I can do this every day, is very rewarding. I run a dedicated Facebook group for moms and love connecting with moms in this community. It’s great to know that what I’m doing is actually helping them. I also love when they ask me to write about specific topics they need help with. It’s making a difference and that’s what I love.”

3- Your proudest moments as a mummy blogger?

“First, I take great pride every time someone contacts me to tell me that something I wrote helped them. That’s exactly why I’m doing this. There’s nothing more rewarding and purposeful to me than actually making someone’s life a little bit better.

Second, I’m proud that I took the leap to start my blog. I could have gone back to my “safe” corporate job and continued doing what I’ve always done. But I know there’s something else in store for me. It’s a whole new world and I don’t know what’s coming but I’m enjoying it and I’m really glad I found the courage to do something different. “
Check out Louise on Facebook and Instagram.

Mirela Barisic | Record my journey by Mirela

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

My name is Mirela Barisic and I am the creator of Scribe My Journey By Mirela. I am the mother of two beautiful boys, Mateo and Luka (23 months & 2 months). I started blogging less than a year ago and created a space for me to write about my journey – from pregnancy to motherhood.

2- What do you like most about blogging?

My favorite part of being a mummy blogger is that it allows me to share my experiences with other moms. I love receiving messages from moms telling me how much they enjoy reading my posts or how it has helped them on their motherhood journey.

3- Any advice for aspiring mummy bloggers?

The best advice I can give aspiring mummy bloggers is to stay true to yourself, be honest, and share even the most difficult moments with your readers, because the obstacles in the way. Your parenting can be theirs too.
Check out Mirela on Instagram.

Debbie Russo | Fifo’s wife

Photos via Facebook

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

“FIFO’s wife started September 15, 2011. I know this date well because I’ve searched online and an active source about families with similar lives to mine; a FIFO life.

At the time, I was recovering from burnout and possibly depression and wanted something to fulfill and inspire me but I couldn’t find anything and so she was born.

Where I wrote about my life based on the lessons I learned. Seven years on, it continues to be a blog about taking advantage of the best that has seen the worst. The topics that I cover are everything from mental health, parenting, autism, relationships and just the things that make up everyday life.”

2- What do you like most about blogging?

“The blog growing community is probably my favorite part. I have worked hard to create a safe environment where my readers can ask questions and chat with each other. We are not a closure [Facebook] Pages like I think A FIFO life can resonate with anyone and we all have a story and support we can give each other. “

3- How about your favorite?

“However, this openness brings about what I love most about being a blogger specifically in this industry; It is the judgment that people form and the need for them to share it passionately and personally with you. I think computers make it easier for them to attack you, and often very ruthlessly.”
Check out Debbie on Facebook and Instagram.

Evie Farrell | Mumpack Tourism

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

“I am a full-time family travel blogger/influencer. My 8 year old daughter Emmie and I have been traveling full time for two years and we share adventures together on the internet. [blog, Instagram and Facebook].

I first took Emmie abroad when she was four months old and I started writing about our travels with the dream of starting trips for mom and baby. [Eight] years later, I finally organized our first family trip to Sri Lanka and had a retreat in Bali for upcoming mothers and children. “

2- Anything people misunderstand (or misrepresent) about mummy bloggers?

“I think sometimes people can look at perfect social media photos of how people present their lives and think that’s reality – and it’s not – that’s a misconception. fatal mistake. I always share the trying times as well as the good because it shows the reality of our lives that really matter – it may look great but it doesn’t always have to be. difficult like mother everywhere”.

3- Any advice for aspiring mummy bloggers?

“Focus on SEO – I didn’t and now I’m catching up. It’s really the most important thing you can do. Also, find a niche you’re passionate about and know who your audience is – who you want to talk to and what you can share with them that’s interesting and valuable. And always be yourself! You are more than enough and everyone loves honesty and authenticity.”
Check out Evie on Facebook and Instagram.

Teena Hantke | Whoa mom

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

“I am many things and many labels, a worker, volunteer, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, chronic illness, endometriosis advocate and blogger. All of this forms the basis of who I am and what I do, but what defined me and set me on a journey to becoming a mummy blogger was having my son and deciding I wanted to make a difference. separate and become what my son will be. proud as he grew up.

I never expected it to become such an important part of me, but finding my inner voice and sharing it with others has been so liberating. When I hear other people say what I have written is exactly how they feel but not knowing how to say it makes it all worthwhile.”

2- Your favorite thing about blogging?

“My favorite thing about being a mummy blogger is trying to write when a great idea pops into your head but having to shoulder the responsibilities of being a parent and partner and life gets tough in your life. writing! Or when the opposite happens and you spend time writing and nothing comes to mind. The bottom line is that you have to capture the moment when they come and put pen to paper! “

3- Anything people get wrong (or misrepresented) about mummy bloggers?

“I think there is sometimes the notion that mummy bloggers are just bored moms who happen to write their experiences on a website to do something about it, but in reality they are working women. hardworking, passionate about their field of knowledge or hobby. They work really hard while dealing with the pressures of parenthood and everything else they do. “
Check out Teena on Facebook and Instagram.

Jodie Guerrero | Jodie’s Journey

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

“I am a ‘young’ mother of 2 daughters with special needs. My oldest daughter (Julia) attends a special school for Autism & Intellectual Disabilities, along with other medical problems and my youngest daughter (Anna) attends a private Lutheran school with a special unit to assist with your child’s speech/language problems and ADHD. Along with all that: I am a three-time cancer survivor and have avoided death six times!!

My blog expanded from 2007 to present and is an account of my feelings and struggles overcoming third cancer; what I suffered and how I overcame.

I started blogging to give myself a creative outlet and help my family/friends trying to understand what went wrong with my medical treatment and overall health without reply. similar questions. [and] end. As such, it’s not really for the masses – but, it’s now become an important blog that many people visit regularly and derive strength from.

I know my journey and my situation are unique. I know that what happened to me was like something out of a Hollywood movie. But, I wasn’t aware that writing about it was good for me and good for many others.”

2- Your favorite thing about being a mummy blogger?

“Because I do so much more than just blogging – I do vlogs, consult, participate in medical committees, give advice, write articles and more – the scope of my involvement in various projects that make me feel valued, needed and wanted (not just by my family), but by a large group of people who ‘follow’ what I do and collect the pieces & blobs of my wisdom, along the way. “

3- Anything people get wrong (or misrepresented) about mummy bloggers?

“Some reviewers may feel that the typical mummy blogger is looking for attention or loving their own profile and words… However, I would say that most mummies bloggers are like me; loves everyone, has empathy and compassion for everyone and wants to ‘make a difference’ for those who come, visit and stay to read, over a cuppa. “
Check out Jodie on Facebook and Instagram.

It is a phenomenon that continues to happen. Mothers everywhere are using keyboards and blogging about their lives. We think these mummy bloggers deserve their hard-earned successes.

Every mother deserves a break once in a while. Check out our other blog for 5 self-care ideas for moms.

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